BOLT OF THUNDER! For going way downrange on anti-materiel duty,…

BOLT OF THUNDER! For going way downrange on anti-materiel duty, we testfire Thor Global Defense’s XM408 sniper weapon.

If the pages ahead give you the impression that our writers get to play with more neat stuff than anybody since James Bond last drove his Aston-Martin, you will be bang-on correct. And how do you get to do this kind of neat stuff—and get paid for it? Well, it starts with being a skilled professional, both behind the gun and the computer monitor.

Take Paul Markel in the Urban Sniper Training article on page 34—a report on SureFire’s new TSR suppressors that knock out sound, flash and dust signatures. Markel writes, “If you’d have told me six months ago that I would be shooting a suppressed black rifle 30 minutes outside Los Angeles, I’d have sent you for drug testing.” Now that’s what we call “sprightly prose.”

We can point with pride at a host of other articles in these pages reflecting the same excellence and commitment to serving our readers.

In an extreme-range testfire, we use the mighty .408 CheyTac round in the Thor XM408, a modular tactical rifle for anti-sniper and anti-materiel 1,500-plus-yard duty. For the latest law-enforcement sniper system, we try out the FN Special Police Rifle with Horus/Vectronix SORD combo ballistics and ranging system. It’s great for hostage rescue teams.

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