British soldier killed after being hit by U.S. Apache helicopter friendly fire.

Image: A British soldier was killed in Afghanistan after…

U.S. Army A-64 Apache Helicopter at Kandahar Airfield

A British soldier was killed in Afghanistan after being hit by fire from a US Apache helicopter that wrongly identified his base as an enemy stronghold, a coroner has said.

Lance Corporal Christopher Roney, 23, of 3rd Battalion The Rifles, died from head injuries he suffered while serving at Patrol Base Almas in Sangin, Helmand, in December 2009.

The base had come under attack from insurgents and the platoon stationed there was busy fighting them off when air support was called in, the Sunderland coroner, Derek Winter, said.

A drone fitted with a camera and two US Apaches flew to the patrol base, which was a compound with mud walls, bought from a local owner some weeks before and not on official maps.

British troops on the ground, who by this stage had won a gun battle against their attackers, were incorrectly identified as the enemy and they were hit by 30mm chain gun rounds.

Read the rest of the report at The Guardian.

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  • Jay C.

    More of these “friendly fire” killings will happen as long as we sustain 10+ year “wars”. Wars and killing are all we know. Too bad.