BROWNING’s T-Bolt Rifle for Left-Handed Shooters

Browning is adding twelve new offerings to their T-Bolt rimfire…


Browning is adding twelve new offerings to their T-Bolt rimfire rifle line that are sure to please left-handed shooters: All new models incorporate the basic design of the T-Bolt rifle, but have the bolt on the left side to accommodate southpaws.

Initially introduced in 1965 and discontinued in 1975, the T-Bolt was once again reintroduced in 2006 in right-hand models only.  With improvements to the design including materials and manufacturing methods, now lefties can own the smoothest little system on the market.   The new T-Bolt is more accurate, reliable, lighter and smoother operating than ever.

The T-Bolts straight-pull bolt cycles fast and locks up solid in the receiver that is machined from steel barstock.    Receivers are drilled and tapped for scope mounts.  Barrels are free floated and have semi-match chambers and recessed crowns.  The three lever trigger design combined with a short travel firing gives a crisp break, quick lock time, and no travel take up.   The trigger pull weight is adjustable with an external screw.   A top tang safety is thumb operated without changing from a shooting grip.

There are four new left-hand models in each caliber; .22 long rifle, .22 Winchester Magnum and .17 HMR.

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  • The only issue is that it stil ejects out the right side. Not truely a port side rifle. But safety and actuator handle are set for a Southpaw.