With a collection of key components from Hogan Manufacturing, the…

With a collection of key components from Hogan Manufacturing, the author was able to assemble this sharpshooting rifle in an afternoon.

The very design of the AR-15 lends itself to easy modification and part changes, and with a modicum of skill, tools and knowledge, a savvy aficionado can easily build a gun to suit his or her needs and budget. That’s a huge part of the AR-15’s appeal. Between different manufacturers and a seemingly endless number of different components, piecing a gun together from parts will give the shooter an infinite number of choices to build the gun of their dreams.

Exponential growth in the AR market has been a spawning ground for new manufacturers and it seems like a new company pops up every time I turn on my computer. Some are good and some not so good. Some are true manufacturers while others are simply nothing more than assemblers of parts. So, it was with great interest that I started researching a relatively new company in my home state of Arizona.


Hogan Heroes
Hogan Manufacturing has been doing business as a full-line machine shop since 1996. Offering design and prototype work, they have done machining for a multitude of industries including but not limited to the auto, movie, aerospace, medical and semiconductor industries. But according to Doug Kircher, Hogan’s inside sales and marketing director, firearms have always been a passion for owner Robert Hogan.

“Robert actually went to the Colorado School of Trades in 1979 to learn gunsmithing. After working in the research and development department at Allied Signal (Honeywell) for a couple years, he opened his shop in 1996. He has full CNC ability, so he can make virtually anything for any industry. Multiple industries and customers helped minimize the risk as a business startup and kept Hogan running even during the lean years,” said Kircher.

Hogan’s HHR monolithic free-floating rail system puts rails only where the shooter will need them.

“But for the last seven years Hogan Manufacturing has focused on the design, engineering and manufacturing of AR-style components. Earlier this year, when a business venture soured, Hogan went from a manufacturer and supplier of AR parts to a manufacturer and supplier of AR parts and complete rifles.”

I was never aware that Hogan was building the majority of parts for a company that billed itself as a manufacturer of rifles. In an effort to learn more about Hogan, I decided to build a rifle using a majority of parts from the Glendale, Arizona, factory. Though Hogan is known for their piston-driven guns and uppers, I chose to build a gun using the direct gas impingement design.

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