This ultra-accurate, custom 6.5mm Creedmoor rifle, in its adjustable AICS…

This ultra-accurate, custom 6.5mm Creedmoor rifle, in its adjustable AICS stock, was created with the expert guidance of Robert Gradous

When it was time to jump back into the police marksman competition world, some research showed the 6.5mm as the gun de jour. Most competition winners were using a 6.5mm rifle of some sort. Looking at the ballistics, everything pointed to this being a viable caliber in the police world. From a terminal ballistics standpoint, a 140-grain 6.5mm bullet traveling at 2,800 feet per second (fps) is more than adequate. A lack of recoil, especially suppressed, provides for fast follow-up shots and even allows operators to watch the impacts. A trajectory that closely approximates that of the .300 Winchester Magnum round is also a plus. So it was time to sort out the many varieties and put a rifle together.

To facilitate the project and some ease in acquiring factory ammunition, I chose the 6.5mm Creedmor, especially because Hornady produces a 140-grain A-MAX loading. For the rifle itself, I turned to Gradous Rifles, located in August, Georgia. Robert Gradous offers a gunsmithing class where you actually build your rifle in his shop. The 250-acre property includes a shop, loading shack and spray booth for the Cerakote finish. There is also a 100- and 600-yard range for testing.


Robert has been building precision rifles for hunting for years. His skills are well known, and several of our most elite warriors have had him build their precision rifles. A call was placed and arrangements were made for me to put together a custom 6.5mm Creedmor rifle, one suited to deployment yet perfect for competition use.

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