I didn’t think I was going to care much for…

I didn’t think I was going to care much for the Bushmaster ACR when I first received it for testing. That’s probably because the publicity surrounding the introduction of the prototype would have one believe it was the best small arm ever invented. And then there was a long delay before production began, followed by a price that turned out to be a great deal more than expected. However, after using the gun for a while, I changed my mind.

Introduced in January of 2007 by the designers at Magpul Industries, the prototype Masada Adaptive Combat Weapon System was billed as featuring “a gas-piston operating system, tool-less quick-change barrel system, multi-adjustable folding stock, and integrated storage.” It was supposed to make it quick and easy for the military and law enforcement to transition from the AR-15/M16 system to a modern design because of the similar placement of controls, even though the gun was much different internally.

The bolt carrier group can be quickly broken down into its component parts for cleaning, and the Melonite surface treatment improves wear resistance.

Magpul Industries, while it makes some fine products, is not a firearms manufacturer, so the company sought out and found a partner to finalize and produce the Masada. The production gun is the Adaptive Combat Rifle made by Bushmaster Firearms, and it’s well suited for military and law enforcement use. In fact, some agencies are already using it.

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