Bushmaster Adaptive Combat Rifles (ACR) have shipped to dealers.

As of April 1st, firearms dealers began receiving the much…

As of April 1st, firearms dealers began receiving the much anticipated Bushmaster ACR, redefining the term “modular” with the extraordinary ability to change calibers, barrel lengths and stock configurations in less than two minutes – without the use of tools.

Truly the most versatile and adaptive rifle ever conceived, the ACR is a result of a collaborative effort between Bushmaster, Magpul® and Remington®. The Bushmaster ACR for the commercial market is available now in the Basic configuration and the Enhanced configuration is slated for initial shipments on May 1, 2010.

The ACR platform provides a more reliable, accurate and mission-configurable rifle utilizing our torture-tested, adjustable gas piston operating system which supports suppressed or unsuppressed firing and the ability to quickly change calibers from 5.56mm/223 Rem to 6.8mm Rem SPC.

Other key design features include intuitive, ambidextrous operator controls for magazine release, bolt catch and release, fire selector and non-reciprocating charging handle. To enhance durability, the cold hammer-forged barrel system (10.5, 14.5, 16.5 and 18-inch barrel options/multiple calibers) and all action components feature our proprietary protective coating and the hand guard, lower receiver and stock are constructed from a rugged, high-impact composite.

Added to the core platform features of this fully-adaptable rifle are free-floating MIL-STD 1913 monolithic top rail for optics mounting; A2 “birdcage-type” suppressor for muzzle blast reduction; enhanced hand guard with heat shield and acceptance of rail inserts; functional lower receiver design with textured magazine well and easily-accessible, modular grip storage; A-frame style stock with rubber butt pad and sling attachment mounts; Magpul MBUS front and rear flip sights; and 30-round PMAG. All ACR components ship in an oversized, hard case with room for accessory storage.

The Enhanced version features an AAC® Blackout™ NSM Flash Hider for exceptional reduction of muzzle flash; multi-functional, three-sided aluminum hand guard with integral MIL-STD 1913 accessory rail; and folding, six-position telescoping composite stock with rubber butt pad, sling attachment mounts and 2-point push button sling.

The Bushmaster ACR for the commercial market is available now. Each configuration, Basic and Enhanced, is offered in a non-reflective, black finish or Coyote Brown finish. Suggested retail price: Basic $2,685 and Enhanced $3,061.

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  • Mr.T

    @ D Sanchez

    Actually, the government borrows money from the federal reserve (a group of secret banks), which prints it out of thin air… for a price of course. Remember the good old days when a dollar was redeemable in gold?
    Top 1% owning 50% of the countries wealth in the 1990s and now its like 38%. The US containing 8% of the worlds population but having 25% of its prisoners… The Justice department admitting that it now cannot even count how many laws there are. Nonono, terror is the problem. Never mind the builderberg meetings.

  • Austin

    hughes. why dont you like the ACR? obviously the price is insane but just curious what you dont like.

  • Justin Hughes

    We received two at my store a few days ago ($2,100). What an ugly piece of over priced and over hyped bs!

  • D Sanchez

    Wow, after looking forward for so long to what shoulda been a next gen reasonably priced replacement for what has so frequently abused AR platform….What a let down. So we have the FN SCAR, Robinson XCR, the Sig 556 and now this, another AK/Sig variant, with a steadily increasing price tag…..Do these manufacturers just not get it? The US government is BROKE and existing on borrowed money, the american gun buying public is broke….personally I own a LWRC, never had a failure to feed, never failure to fire, and accuracy second to none right out of the box. And, like set up for like set up, cost me a $1000 less than 2 of 3 of the other rifles, which would darn near pay for a different caliber upper. Anyone want to compare reliability between and LWRC, LMT, PARA, or just about any other comperable firearm to one of these OVER PRICED next gen AK variants. That I cannot go to the vast majority of local gun shops and pick up parts or accessories ON HAND for, unless they are AR TYPE parts…..I live here in Salt Lake City, home of Robinson Arms, and I cannot get parts for the XCR without contacting them directly and having that part shipped to the local dealer…I don’t have the Robinson rifle anymore. And, I liked it very much….Ask HK, Sig, Ruger, and others why they got into AR platform rifles with updated features….It’s still the best, just like anything else in life, just needed to be updated….