* New, highly-accurate long distance target rifle. * Semi-Auto *…

bushmaster338-2.gif * New, highly-accurate long distance target rifle.
* Semi-Auto
* .338 Lapua Magnum
* PRS stock, adjustable for length of pull and height
* 10 Rd. Mag
* Unique Bushmaster recoil-reducing muzzle brake
* ERGO Tactical Pistol Grip
* Limb-saver buttpad
bushmaster338-3.gif * Disassembles like an AR-type rifle for easy cleaning

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  • ct

    nice though i find it interesting that they {bushmaster} claim that this rifle has the repeating accuracy of lets say my trg_42? still i would rather own this rifle than the barret! not much too say than i need to add this too my collection ,need to find someone that went and bought one before me{range time} I LOVE THIS ROUND!!!!!!!

  • Ohhhden@yahoo.com

    I have been waiting on a SAR 338 LM since I ran across COBBS 338 LM SAR. I found out that COBB manufacturing merged or was purchased by Bushmaster. Then I was told that the projected date for the production BA338LM was going to hopefully be at or around the shot show 2009. I am still waiting for an AR style 338 LM. Any information would be appreciated.

  • Paul S. Bangas

    model 98b Barrett in .338 lapua magnum is a very nice unit. will we see a bushmaster .338(BA338)anytime soon? would like to see spec. sheet on the BA338. armlite ar30 in .338 can be aquired for about 1,356.00. the barrett 98b for about 3,987.00 how about the bushmaster?

  • Chris

    I was wondering where i might be able to aquire one of these bad boys. Whether it be used or new. Thanks

  • Way cool-Do you think this will be available at gun shops in June 08?