Bushmaster BA50 .50 BMG

There’s a current fascination with big-bore tactical rifles, partly because…

There’s a current fascination with big-bore tactical rifles, partly because the military has recognized the need for such a weapon and partly because law enforcement agencies understand the benefit of having a rifle like this in their arsenal. Bushmaster recently introduced the BA50, a bolt-action rifle chambered for the .50 BMG cartridge that is specifically intended for military application. That does not mean it is inappropriate for law enforcement agencies that may need to whack a substantially barricaded bad guy or possibly disable a vehicle from a distance, and guys that like cool guns will undoubtedly get in line for one too.

bushmaster1Gun Details
The BA50 comes in a hard-sided storm case filled with closed cell foam that has been perfectly cut to fit the disassembled rifle. The rifle is made up of a lower and upper receiver similar to an AR. As a matter of fact, the upper is attached to the lower just like an AR and the rifle can be assembled in about two minutes. The BA50 feeds from a 10-round magazine and the most unique feature is that the bolt is on the left side and ejection occurs on the right.

This left hand operation, right hand ejection has tactical application. If you have ever shot a bolt action rifle from the prone position it should be readily apparent. Trying to work a right handed bolt from the prone position requires you to roll left, take your hand from the fire control area and remove your eye from the sight. With the left handed operation of the BA50 you can maintain your shooting platform, your view of the target and cycle the action, never removing your hand from the grip or your finger from the trigger. This helps reduce time between follow-up shots; I was able to shoot 2-inch, three-shot, groups at 100 yards in less than 10 seconds.

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  • Jp

    The needing to move or remove sight picture for right hand bolt manipulation is total bullshit. Who do you have writing your articles?

    • Jp

      In fact, moving your left hand to manipulate the bolt is even worse than removing your right hand from fire controls (you can’t fire while manipulating the bolt anyway). Your left is your support, you speak of shooting prone and even a novice knows the left hand is under the but stock gripping a rear bag or sand sock under the stock of the weapon, squeezing and releasing to move POA/POI and steadying the rifle. The right hands job is solely a smooth trigger pull straight back.
      Moving your left hand to work bolt will not just disrupt but DESTROY your sight picture of the target, especially at the extended ranges a shoulder fired precision .50 was designed for.

  • C.Johnson

    I own one of these, they are a blast to shoot(quite literally). I shoot steel targets and love it. There are too many misconceptions about the 50bmg. Some would have you believe its power lies between a howitzer and a cruise missile. The fact is it is a rifle, and to beat all, there are more powerfulrifles than this. The Bushmaster is one of the most accurate 50’s on the market. If someone is wanting to get into long range target shooting, this rifle is a great start.

  • Don

    Its an anti armor game stoper. Tractor trailer, train, it don’t matter it is the neccesassry tool. Be glad to help train law enforcement anytime.

  • @ been there and back


  • Marine 1

    Some of you scream overkill in a police urban inviroment but imagine a man behind a wall with an automatic machine gun. This 50 will go through it where a 223 wont. Look back at the north hollywood shootout. 3 men in thich armor took several hundred rounds and still managed to get back up and fight to the death killing man and wonding many. 3 rounds from this would have ended the situation at once. There was a man that destroyed an intire city with an up armored bull dozer the police could not penetrate. Then had to let it run out of gas but that was after it destroyed an entire city. One from this could have ended it in loess than a min. Wake up you people. The enmy has bigger guns. best thing to do is get this one and be ready.

  • Jim

    Well I hope it’s a fine rifle, i just laid one away for Christmas. I figure if I don’t get one now, Obama will find a way to get rid of them, like he did to the M1 Garand and other war fighters. I have everyone now from the M16, AR15, SKS, AK47, the 50 cal was the last tactical rifle for me. And in Nevada there is no shortage of places to shoot.

  • Bushmaster just want to show us that it can do what Barrett, Robar, Chey Tac etc. does and thats harness the .50 Cal.

  • Leon

    Sure you can give it to police officers – but why. At the distances of all policee engugments good semi-auto in 308 would do 100 times better than this puppy.

    A also love to see a stuppid crimial who would want to use it –

  • been there and back

    our 7 squad teams carry BM III’s and a M-60 we have three humps who carry RPER 30.06 AR’s with various ammo, 1 saw and we all carry our own matching henderson worked 1911 45s

  • I own one of these and I will tell you that it isnt a “Tactical Shoulder Strap Weapon”. It weighs 30+ Lbs and each round weighs nearly half a freakin pound. 2 ten shot mags and the rifle with scope weigh in at about 40 lbs. Given the fact that the army boot camp beats on men with 50 LB packs on 20 mile runs, when your geared up with kevlar, your 5.56, your side arm, your water, ample ammo and then this cannon? It aint gonna happen. This is a nest gun for snipers who want to reach out and touch people at 3+ miles. It is set up and stays in one spot for a few days. I love the gun and I’ll never get rid of it but folks should know it’s not an easily hidden weapon and it takes alot to hump it up into the mountains where the enemyneed to be engaged.

  • dr

    GunDog…what a dipsh*t. Ethical force for good? You’ve been watching way too much TV. Everything the police have access to the citizens have legal access too.

  • Matt


    careless overkill?
    In any life threatening situation those terms dont exist. There is a bare minimum and anything over that is just right. Its all about saveing inocent lives isnt it?


    LACKE GUN! 50-caliber its very good & strong sniper rifle!

  • GunDog

    In response to Stephen’s post (of December 16th)… sir, what you need to realize is that in many urban inner-city areas of U.S. cities, the “bad guys” our police officers must face-off against are going to have weapons such as this and more. Denying any arms equity for our men and women who stand in harms way to protect us is utterly ridiculous. The criminals who would be at the business end of this weapon made a choice to be in that situation. I would hope that there is still an ethical force for good in this country that is still willing to make a statement that crime does not pay. Because our police officers at times are thrust into a virtual war zone in the city streets, I would hope they have access to everything our military has access to, because that is what the criminals are going to have, and they did not in most cases acquire their weapons legally.

  • Александр

    винтовка очень хорошая но я больше склоняюсь к пулемету МАКСИМ на базе Тачанки.

  • Stephen

    Although I think that 50-caliber weapons definitely belong in the military and SF units, I’m not sure local law enforcement agencies really need them. And even if they did use them, the media might interpret the use of a 50-caliber weapon in a hostage situation as careless overkill.

  • Love this gun. I have always been facinated with big bore weapons and bushmaster is no exception. What with the Barret M107 and other respectable .50 cal rifles out there, this is great weapon at a very good price.