Cabot South Paw Lefty

The South Paw is a true left-handed 1911. Cabot Gun…

The South Paw is a true left-handed 1911. Cabot Gun has produced a left-handed model that is a truly inverted 1911.

The South Paw is precision constructed from 4140 billet steel to extreme tolerances. The South Paw, like all Cabot Gun firearms, is designed to exceed National Match accuracy standards right out of the box. This model is distinguished both aesthetically and mechanically from other 1911 pistols. A new gray-tone color was developed for the pistol and several custom grip options are available. Grip options include California olive wood, box elder and locally-harvested walnut which is milled on the Jones family farm located behind the shop where Cabot Guns are produced.

The South Paw is the only left-handed 1911 style pistol available in the market.

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  • A.C. Grand

    $5000 for this, holy shit!!!!!!!