Camo bug-proof Boonie Hat

Nothing is as disturbing as trying to concentrate on the…

Nothing is as disturbing as trying to concentrate on the hunt while being attacked about the face and head by swarming, biting, disease carrying insects. ALTUS Brands, LLC has solved this dilemma with their new Concealor Boonie Bug Hat™.

Altus spokesman EVP Charles Ricci made the announcement; “One of the greatest distractions, annoyances and health risks for anyone who enjoys the outdoor lifestyle is swarming, biting insects. Not only can they ruin a day in the field, they also carry a wide variety of diseases. We are pleased to offer a solution with our Concealor Boonie Hat.”


The Concealor comes in a wide variety of hats and caps for hunters, campers, hikers, gardeners, military and many other areas of outdoor use. Each innovative hat contains a lightweight, see through mesh fabric that is hidden away in a compact zippered compartment in the top of each hat. When pulled down, the camouflage netting covers the entire head, face and neck area to protect the wearer from swarming bugs including mosquitoes, black flies and other annoying, biting insects.
Ricci continued: “The Concealor ‘Bug Off’ Boonie Hat is the perfect product to help ensure a pleasant, protected day in the field for the entire family.”

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  • Margaret Lemanski

    My husband bought me a bughat and I love it for gardening and backpacking. I had not been able to find a netting that was small enough to keep out the noseeum’s in FL until I tried the bughat.

    It is not the most stylish hat in the market but it is the most effective. And the fact the net goes OVER the brim and keeps the net off my face is a big plus.