Canada’s Department of National Defence working on stealth, electric military snowmobile.

Image: Arthur Mouratidis The Department of National Defence plans to…

Image: Arthur Mouratidis

The Department of National Defence plans to develop a new stealth snowmobile for covert military operations in Canada’s Arctic, with $550,000 set aside to build a prototype.

The vehicle would perhaps be the most unconventional tool in the arsenal of a Conservative government promising to beef up Canada’s military might in the North.

The nature of these future clandestine assignments is unclear from the federal tendering document. But one thing is clear: silence is priority No. 1.

Existing engines apparently aren’t up to the job.

“The noise level of an internal combustion engine cannot be reduced to an acceptable level for missions where covertness may be required, especially given the increased propagation of sound in cold, dry, Arctic air,” reads the tender, posted last week by National Defence’s research and development agency.

“Electric snowmobiles are a potential solution to this problem, eliminating the internal combustion engine and using a much quieter electric motor to drive the track system.”

Source: via The Canadian Press.

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