Carl Zeiss Victory Compact Point Red Dot reflex sight

Carl Zeiss Sports Optics introduces the high-performance Victory Compact Point…


Carl Zeiss Sports Optics introduces the high-performance Victory Compact Point reflex sight.   The Compact Point features premium optical quality with a fine, bright illuminated red dot for extremely fast target acquisition. Available in two different mounting versions, it is a perfect fit on most hunting rifles, AR-style weapons, shotguns and handguns.

The Compact Point’s lens element, which is approximately 25% larger than the average reflex sight, provides a wide field of view, allowing for fast and accurate alignment on the target with both eyes open.   And the image is crisp, clear and reflection-free thanks to the high-quality ZEISS optics and LotuTec® coating.

The function button, located on the front of the Compact Point, turns the illumination on and off, and also controls the intensity level of the red dot which has minimal subtension of 3.60 inches at 100 yards (3.5 MOA).   Once activated, the brightness of the illuminated dot is changed one increment each time the button is pressed.  There are five brightness levels and when the maximum intensity has been reached, the intensity then begins to decrease each time the button is pressed.   Pressing and holding the button turns the device on and off, and the Compact Point will automatically shut off after four hours of continuous operation if the function button has not been touched.  Once reactivated, the most recently selected illumination intensity is recalled.

The Compact Point is waterproof and runs on two Lithium 3 V batteries.  If batteries need to be replaced, this can be done quickly and easily without removing the sight from the firearm.    The Compact Point also comes with a special multi-function key for vertical and horizontal adjustments, which allows precise zeroing of the sight.  To ensure maximum recoil resistance, the sight features a locking mechanism for the set zero position.

Two Models for Precise Mounting on Different Firearms
Carl Zeiss offers two different versions of the Compact Point for quick and precise mounting on different types of weapons:  the Compact Point Standard and the Compact Point Blaser.

The Compact Point Standard has an integrated clamp assembly for Picatinny and Weaver rails.  This version can be mounted to many rifles, shotguns and handguns without additional parts.

The Compact Point Blaser can be mounted directly onto the R 93 and state-of-the-art Blaser break action weapons.  This model enables an extremely low, elegant-looking assembly.  Thanks to the MAKnetic
concept, a combination of magnetic force and mechanical locking, the Compact Point Blaser can be quickly mounted and removed from the firearm with a single action.

The new Victory Compact Point joins the popular Victory Z-Point in Carl Zeiss’ line of high-performance red dot reflex sights.

Victory Compact Point – Standard: $499.99
Victory Compact Point – For Blaser R93: $699.99

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  • fabio galli

    amico mio anche io ho lo stesso red point nel mio contro sole si presenta una ragnatela rossa che mi rende impossibile mirare l’ho rispedito per la seconda volta a bigami . ti farò sapere

  • salvatore

    ho da poco acquistato il punto rosso zeiss victory compact point red dot ,e’ una mi aimpressione,ma quando vi e’ molta luce sole per intenderci,il punto si vede molto sfocato al massimi ingrandimento,(le batterie sono nuove),poi ho notato un’altra particolarita’:Per spostare il punto di deriva,devo spostare al contrario,cioe’.se devo mandare il punto d’impatto a destra,dopo aver sbloccato la vite di arresto zero,devo girare verso sinistra,cioe’ al contrario,per tararlo ho dovuto fare cosi al poligono altrimenti non si tarava.e normale?…-
    attendo fiducioso una vostra risposta.grazie ….

  • Good!