CASECRUZER’s GunCruzer Universal 6-pack Gun Case

Civilian enthusiasts, military and law-enforcement personnel can now safeguard expensive…


Civilian enthusiasts, military and law-enforcement personnel can now safeguard expensive and indispensable handguns when traveling.   Take to the road or friendly skies with the GunCruzer Universal 6-pack gun case – a dependable, indestructible means of transporting a wide variety of handguns.

The base of this versatile carrying case is 5.87″ deep and can store up to six handguns and 12 magazines in custom-cut closed-cell foam cavities.  The gun cavity dimensions are 9.23”L x 4.75”H and can accommodate a wide range of name-brand models in popular caliber sizes ranging from 9mm all the way up to .45.  The Universal 6-pack gun case comes with reinforced padlock protectors to guard against cutting and theft while foam plugs keep smaller handgrips snug.

The Universal 6-pack gun case is also watertight, with buoyancy up to 69.9 lbs, and dust and sand proof, with an IP67 rating.  Other certificates include MIL C-4150J and STANAG 4280.  The case is airline safe (ATA 300) and can go the distance in extreme climates, with temperature ranges of minus 10 to 210 degrees Fahrenheit, which makes it ideal for outdoor shooting range environments, as well as critical Homeland Security missions involving various government agencies.

Handguns are secured in the Pelican case by the lid’s interior cushion, made of egg-crate-style convoluted open-cell polyurethane foam; lid depth is 1.75″.  Exterior dimensions of the crush-proof case are 20.69″L x 17.18″W x 8.56″H, providing lots of space but no unnecessary bulk.  Available in black only.

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