CENTURY ARMS’ Semi-Auto Version of Sterling’s SMG 9mm

  Century Arms is bringing a semi-auto version of the…


Century Arms is bringing a semi-auto version of the legendary Sterling SMG 9mm to the U.S. commercial market. With a 16-inch air cooled barrel, this is sure to be highly sought after by military surplus collectors. It has an underfolding stock and a pistol grip with a signature side-loading magazine.


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  • Keith

    I shot one and it ran perfect and had zero recoil , we were shooting at life size targets at 50 feet and it shoots where you were aiming. It is soooo fun, if you shot it you would want it.

  • Jason

    Just bought a new model at local gun show. When trying to fire, the safety will not “lock” into fire position. I have to use thumb to hold a little pressure on the switch to fire. Anyone else had his issue?

  • Rich

    I been building semi auto sten 3 and 5 for the last 3 years I have 6 of them
    Done. Any one no what the are worth. I have about a 1000 in to each one

  • Need intelligence, please. Bought my Sterling and it says “Century Arms, Inc.” with no mention of Wise-Lite or WL. Who made this carbine? Anybody know?

    Also, it is the Type II with the full length shroud. Where can I find info on this gun? How does one find out the history of the original Serial Number on the mag well?

    I have not shot it yet but have always admired this weapon since I was a glowing ember in my mother’s chamber. I’d like to find out if it is older than I am or vice versa.

    Thanks for the help.

    OPP in Saratoga Springs, Utah

  • Lumpy

    Have had my sterling sporter 9mm (L2A3) for about 7 months. Great shooting gun and extra 34rd clips can be picked up on Apexgunparts.com, got 4 for 100 bucks.

    Put aprox 600rds through it and the fireing pin broke, emailed wiselite arms info@wlarms.com and they had me send them the gun to fix at no charge (1 year warntaty with bill of sale). For note: (did cost 30 buck to ship UPS to send) They called me 2hrs after they got my gun to say they fixed it, not only a better firing pin the .202 inch and harder steal, they also modified the bolt and sear pin, they put 34rds thorugh it and said good to go. It’s perfect, Thats service.

    For the person with triger pull issues, take it apart and clean the triger assembly (google how to do this if needed) My sterling just takes a slight touch to fire after i did a good cleaning and lube.

    As far as jamming and or clip issues, try loading 30 rounds in you clip. this is an issue with 2 of my 6 clips and solved my problems.

    Over all a great gun, shoots every type of 9mm ammo I put in it. 34rd clips makes it very hungry for ammo but 1000rds is 200ish bucks and thats a whole bunch of days of fun for the whole family at the range or gravle pit.



  • NoneYa

    I bought the Sterling MK4 from Wise Lite for $250 from a local store used. I fired 100 rounds the next day. It felt comfortable and had more range than I had expected. The trigger pull was alot more than I like and some of the time it simpily would’nt fire at all. I do like the rifle (and I hate 9mm’s). That being said… I would like to find a way to upgrade the trigger pull to be more to my liking. I also have to say that if a weapon won’t fire everytime thenI can’t trust it or recommend it to anyone else. I hope to see a solution because it feels very nice to shoot. You get what you pay for! 🙂

  • Fat Cat

    Just got mine today 7-23-12.Cleaned and fired total of 150 rounds no problems local gun shop gave me two 34 round clips price was $395.00 Would purchase another one if He had them. Outstanding wepon.

  • 2biggie

    firing pin broke after 15 rounds on a sterling type 2 made by masterpiece arms but sold by CIA

  • Dennis

    I got the sterling, not too happy. Lots of carbon on the cases, nearly all the way down. Loose chamber. It also does not function well. 25% ok, 60% take multiple trigger pulls, 15% won’t fire at all, no primer strike. Century said they aren’t responsible, send it to Wise Lite. They won’t pay for shipping to them to fix factory defects.at least they will fix it without charge. They said it was bad sear over the phone. Its now done, but I don’t have it yet. They said they replaced the barrel, barrel nut, firing pin and spring. Tested with 15 rounds. I hope it works now. It sucks to have a new gun that doesn’t work, and each party says the other one is responsible. Good business dictates the customer should not have to pay for any part of repairing what wasn’t done right in the first place. Cool firearm, but customers should not be used for Research and Development.

  • Carey Holzman

    Both the type I and type II sterling’s from Century are going for $376, free shipping and two mags at midwest hunters outet.

  • I have fired the Sterling SMG’s many times.Next to the HK MP5 there is no more reliale o accuratteand SMG. Of course the Sterling SMG was an open bolt gun, so firing from a closed bolt these semi auto ones I’d expect good accuracy and reliability.

    As for using STEN mags in them the weakest part of the STEN SMG system is the magazine for sure, a single feed attocity spawned in Hell. Thoufh they may fit in these guns, the Sterling Mag will not fit into a STEN.

    The Sterling uses a double stack,single feed magazine which accounts for its reliablilty over the STEN.

  • Jim P

    I have had my sterling that i Purchaced from Wiselite directly when they were the only ones produceing this model,I have had 0 problems from this well made copy,if you can find one made by wiselite solely with out CAi,s help you will have a well made jewel,Buying a century one you will encounter the mormal CAi workmanship,aparently CAI has bought out wiselite,or have merged with Wiselite so finding a working site for wiselite has been difficult ,I have been trying to find one of the conversion kits wiselite used to make for this gun that converted the caliber to 7.62×25 as the ammo is much cheaper and a hotter load,plus having the ability for both callibers is nice all you need is springs,the barrel and a bolt for trhe 7.82×25 and they will swap out perfectly if you know where i can find a kit for this send me a email please,,

  • Century Arms….have been a victim of Century Arms trash on three diff times now over a few years…. junk-non cycle trash….buyer Bware – likely this Brit WW2 Wanna B isn’t any better then other C.A. Crap…!

  • John

    Having built many semi-auto from parts kit, I can say from experience as long as the reassembly is done to spec, they work. I recently bought on of these Sterling’s and the example a got is nearly flawless. Functionally it has not had a failure of any kind.
    One of the two supplied mags had a bent lip on one side, probably dropped at some point, after careful reforming it now working perfectly.
    Given the time it take to make the receiver and convert it to an ATF acceptable semi, the price is about what I would invest in time and parts to build it.
    I now have another Sterling to play with on weekends and a great addition to the collection. It always attracts a crowd at the range when I have it out there. I noticed three more last week, so, I would say they pretty much sell themselves, once they see one they gotta have one, LOL!

  • craig


  • M

    The Sterling 2 (rifle) goes for $499 on defensefirearms.com I think that’s new. Is that a good deal?

  • atwdgun

    I have justed purchased a sterling as well and do not know much about it and the weapon itself looks amazing all of it looks brand new. I bought it from bravo arms out Colorado Springs for under $575.00 I am planning on shooting it tomorrow and i will post what i thought about its performance!!! If anyone knows where to get extra mags please let me know, mine came with only 1 mag as well.

  • Rich


  • craig


  • Tom

    I just bought a Sterling semi at a gun show today in Pittsburgh. Balsaboy mentioned the Sterling can and the semi will use Sten mags. I am new to the Sterling and I am searching for additional mags. Mine came with one. Is this a fact? I am not doubting you, just want to be sure before I buy Stens mags for it. Thanks.

  • Bisanut

    Any one ever notice that the pistol version (7.62 x 25) looks like the E-11 Storm Trooper Blaster from Star Wars? Same exact weapon!

  • balsaboy

    Thought I’d give some feedback on the CAI Sterling Semi-auto. First off, I am glad I bought one. I went to the range and fired off about 100rounds. I was amazed at the accuracy and no jam’s: Just “nut’s-on” dudes. Sterlings were noted for their accuracy, but the CAI version is an altogether different barrel arragement. The original Sterlings do not have a barrel trunion. I repeat, no barrel trunion in the original sterlings. Where as the CAI version has a trunion that the 16″ barrel slides through and is secured via a threaded protion on the front with a finger nut. Now, I have no idea if the so-called “Police” version, other wise known as the MK VI semi-auto had this feature, along with the trunion, but the PAW’s version of the Sterling does use the same arrangement to the best of my knowledge. If anyone knows different I’d like to hear your comments.

    I found only a couple of serious items I was unhappy about. These complaints could be avoided if you can actually inspect the weapon prior to purchase. I ordered mine over the net. My primary and most serious complaint is with the receiver tube itself. The gun is made from recycled parts with front and rear welded on a new tube. The tube has serious gouges inside the main section in which the bolt slides! I doesn’t effect anything but looks like the tubes were undersize and ruffly bored out? Next the cooling holes had not had any apparent clean up prior to the crackel paint being applied and this has left some metal burrs painted. Just a detraction again and doesn’t affect any function.
    The Tube(Receiver) is made by Wiselite and is stamped WSL. CAI might have done better inspections of receivers, but wiselite made them.
    Lastly, the guns are made from parts kits. Some of the parts show wear. Mine has some ugly grips and the magazine receiver is a little out of shape, but takes the Sterling Mags just great, and also takes Sten Mags just as intended in the
    orignal Sterlings.

    Would I recommend this gun? Of course, for the money this is an amazing weapon. My complaints would be vaild if this were a thousand dollar weapon, but it’s half that much with some shopping and, frankly, I’d hate to try to assemble and sell this weapon for what you have to pay retail for. No doubt, CAI is not making a fortune off this gun. I am grateful they recycled
    the weapons, and it’s an excellent shooting weapon. I love mine, flaws and all, and it kinda adds character to the gun.

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  • Forewarned76

    Now if only someone would sell the Sterling Mk7 as a semi-auto pistol

  • TH

    I just received mine from gunbroker.Very nice looking weapon and pretty accurate. Not very comfortable but it’s not meant to be.If you love military weapons you gotta have one of these. They are destined to be one of those guns you wish you had bought after they go out of production.The magazines are surplus and the internals look unused but old, the exterior is nice enough.Overall I give it a 4 1/2 star rating out of five.

  • Robert

    I found out that they are being made by Wise Lite Arms. NOT MADE BY CENTURY, just distribted by Century… Wise Lite is known for their good quality builds. wise lite does not have them on their web site, but they can be purchased at centerfire systems, or jg sales. for under $575 with one mag. mine is on it’s way!

  • Dawg180

    the Century rep you talked to must not have known very much as they had two samples in their tent at the Knob Creek show at the beginning of April, and two of these guns have already sold on Gunbroker through Phoenix Distributors.

  • Ken

    I called Century. The person answering the phone said that there is no anticipated date for their arrival. They have never had even a sample so far and cannot predict if it will be a month, a year or ever. I was really disappointed that they were advertising something that doesn’t appear to exist. Does any one know who is supposed to be building them for Century?

  • Richard Membrane

    I think I will buy all of them.
    I will have one to shoot. One to sleep with. I think I will make a lamp out of one. I might gold plate one for the bling of it! I will want one for the car, the barn, the geeerage, the dog house and the sh:tter. I think I will paint a few of them either pink or blue depending on what we have and give em out to all my boys as gifts when the babys born. Yea, that’s the ticket! I will have one for every day of the year to shoot and the rest I will put in the safe to keep unfired so as to deprive anyone else who might want one from having one and when the ban hits I’ll be a PR**K and sell them off for 10 times what I paid for them. Who the hell really cares?

  • John Lafleur

    I am very interested in adding the Semi Auto Sterling to my gun collection. I have always loved the look of the Sterling. When will it be avaliable in the U.S and how much is it going to cost? I would probably want to have a few of these in my collection, one to shoot one to keep unfired.

    John Lafleur

  • val

    Ive checked the century arms web site and there is no mention of the sterling, any idea when it would be avalible for retail sale?

  • Bob

    The serial number listed is a factory one so the mag well is from a parts kit. One can only assume the rest would be from parts kits. To make a proper Sterling from scratch would be much more expensive than using surplus parts easily obtainable.

  • dave

    I was curious if this is brand new or refurbished from parts kits? Thanks