Cerakote Firearm Coating

Gun owners today take their guns more places with high…

Gun owners today take their guns more places with high expectations of reliability and durability. Cerakote Firearm Coatings from NIC Industries is a ceramic based coating that addresses all these issues while improving the overall performance and life of the firearm.

Cerakote is specifically designed to be resistant to, rust, chemicals, extreme heat, and salt water all while maintaining a malfunction free operation. This is why more gun manufacturers choose Cerakote over any other finishes available. By providing a self lubricating coating and carbon resistant surface area, maintenance is reduced to a quick wipe down.

NIC has certified applicators nationally as well as worldwide that can apply over 40 different colors and limitless possibilities of designs.

Visit website at NICindustries.com/cerakote.php , to find out more about the benefits of Cerakote and other NIC Products .

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