Chambering Gun Holster

The Chambering Gun Holster is a firearm holster that would…

The Chambering Gun Holster is a firearm holster that would allow the user to chamber a round without removing the gun from the holster. It allows the user to completely load and unload a semi-automatic hand gun without removing it from the safety of the holster. The design intent is to provide a simple yet effective means of preventing accidental discharge, injury or a fatality.

The Chambering Gun Holster was invented by Kirk Duncan of Folcroft, PA. He said, “This invention would be a great safety device for anyone that carries a handgun. The Chambering Gun Holster would allow users to simply chamber a round while the gun is still in the holster by pushing downward on the gun. This means that the gun would be unable to fire a round until the user pushed down the gun in the holster thus preventing an undesired discharge which could lead to serious injury or death. The holster would also feature a slot to allow the ejection of a round to prevent the gun from jamming if a round is already in the chamber when the holster’s action is facilitated. Finally, The Chambering Gun Holster would not impede a handgun user from quickly drawing and using their weapon if necessary.”


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  • Naiyma

    You can never be too safe. Sounds like an excellent idea where can I find one.

  • Brian A

    I love the idea. Is there any way of getting one? I want to try it out.

  • Joey B

    I truly believe it is a great idea. Improving safety is always a good thing.

  • WillieG

    It sounds great. Fast and safe. When do they come out?

  • William Nix

    In my humble opinion the people that say this Chambering Holster is not safe, did not thoroughly read the specifications properly. Clearly the specs. point out that, “It is a simple but effective means of preventing accidental discharge, injury and fatality.”
    This is a great invention. If you can possibly view this Chambering Holster from a victims perspective. You can see how drawing your gun quickly against armed villains can save your life and the lives of family members. It provides our responsible law inforcement officers precious seconds needed to save the lives of themselves and others.

  • Where can I find one.

  • Officer V.Jackson

    Great invention. I have no doubt that all law enforcement officials are anxiously awaiting the arrival of this holster. So you know what is dumb, dumb, and dumb? Not giving your self every option to make it home at night. Mr. Duncan had provided us with a way to be safe and ready. Does anybody know where do they sell these holsters?

  • Officer V.Jackson

    Great invention. All true law enforcement officers know liability is right behind safety. Go you know what is dumb, dumb, and more dumb? Walking around with a cocked gun that a potential attacker could use against you. Mr. Duncan has provided law enforcement officials a way to remain safe and yet ready. Does anybody know where they sell these holsters?

  • regina b.

    I think this is a very innovative way for those in law enforcement to be quicker to respond to emergency situations. I think this is a brilliant idea. I have a few people in my family that are in law enforcement and would benefit greatly from this invention.

  • JW

    I think it is a great idea! Safety is always a good! You can load just as quickly as you can draw it. Where can I get one?

  • Sgt Samuels

    This product sounds like it would be great for law enforcement and first responders. To have the ability to chamber a round while keeping my weapon holstered is genius.
    To Tyler: If you cant see how this holster will help keep you safe and allow for better weapon control i suggest you go back into the cave you came out of and take your club with you its 2012 dummy. (oh and stop buying cheap guns that’s why they jam on you)

  • Seanh

    I believe it is simple and easy to use in a life and death situation. I’ve heard of so many instances where at drawing of the firearm, there was an accidental discharge and that person wound up shooting themselves. This device prevents that from ever happening again. Just like any firearm and equipment used for it, you should be trained on how to use it. Only a fool would would carry a firearm and not be properly train to use it safely. I support this safety device.

  • Sgt. Alex

    This is actually a good idea. To be able to load and unload without taking the gun out of the holster is great. I have seen it all as a range instructor and this could go a long way in injury prevention especially with novice handlers.

  • Seanh

    I believe that this device is safe, and simple to use, in a life or death situation. Just like you prepare for anything else where you have use your firearm, this would be part of that training. Only a fool would carry a firearm and not know how to operate it to the fullest and safely.

  • AJ

    Hey Ryan, welcome to Canada. “Please tell us what fire arm you own….oh! do you have a special licence to own that restricted weapon?”…..Now you want to shoot it? …” lock in a case and tell us exactly how long it will take you to get to the range, which route you are going to take and how long you intend to be there” And whatever you do, do not deviate from the route you just gave us or we will come and arrest you…….” Carry it around with you? ……” Oh No No No, that is not allowed sir. But thank you for paying your taxes to a way too liberal, politically correct country where even pedophiles have the right not to be taken out back of the shed and eat a lead sammy. Where homo’s can legally get married and adopt children. Oh and where you can’t stand on what you believe, tell others and no be labled as a hate crime. Where we have taken God out of our schools, and the list goes on. Sad!

  • Ryan

    The next thing will be to carry your weapon in a locked case…these ideas are ridiculous! The best safety is your finger.

  • TGugs

    Stupid is as Stupid does…..duh. loaded chamber indicator safety, grip safety, mag disconnect safety, firing pin safety, slide safety, comes with a lawyer safety, etc,etc. I’m so safe its unsafe and to complicated to use, in a stress induced life or death situation.

  • N. Louisiana Deputy

    Actually seems the OPPOSITE of safe holster procedure.

  • tyler

    dumb dumb dumb. A cocked and locked firearm in a proper holster is no less safe than one that has no round in the chamber. Yeah, when I am confronted by an attacker I want to have to cock the gun first. God forbid you jam the gun by accident trying to rack the slide in a holster.

    This could only appeal to uneducated people, who feel its unsafe to carry locked and loaded. How many modern guns just go off on their own in a properly fitted holster. Ridiculous…

    again, dumb dumb dumb.

  • Awlhattin O’Kaddle

    Sounds like a good way to get your tailbone blown off.