CHARTER ARMS’ Left-Hand Pink Lady

Charter Arms introduces a left hand version of their popular…

Charter Arms introduces a left hand version of their popular Pink Lady revolver in .38 Special +P caliber.

This is the combination of two very popular revolvers that Charter Arms has recently introduced.  The first being the world’s first left hand revolver* the Charter Arms Southpaw and the second being Charter Arm’s wildly popular Pink Lady revolver.

Both the Southpaw and Pink Lady evolved from Charter Arms’ popular compact ultra-lightweight Undercover Series.  The left hand Pink Lady version is a true left hand revolver, it is a direct mirror image of its standard right hand cousin and weighs a feathery 12-ounces thanks its tough 7075 aircraft aluminum frame.

Like its right hand cousin, the left hand Pink Lady is chambered for .38 Special +P, boasts an exposed hammer, 2-inch stainless steel barrel and 5-round stainless steel cylinder. Set off by black rubber grips, the overall package is a looker for folks who need reliable self-defense power in a stylish great-looking firearm.

The suggested retail for the left hand Pink Lady is $435.00 (Model Number 93830).  This price is a tad higher than the right hand Pink Lady ($399.00) as it obviously requires different tooling and due to (lack of) economy of scale it is not produced in the numbers of the right hand model.

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  • Walter

    Make it “hammerless” and my wife gets one.