Chiappa .22LR M-Four Tactical Handgun

Chiappa Firearms’ all new .22 L.R. handgun will hit the…

Chiappa Firearms’ all new .22 L.R. handgun will hit the shelves early 2011.

This unique Chiappa .22 L.R. caliber handgun is identical to Chiappa’s .22 L.R. look alike of the U.S. Military M-4 Carbine.

Chaippa then eliminated the shoulder stock and shortened the barrel to 6-inches creating a new smallbore handgun.

A 28-shot magazine means a bunch of fun between reloads. Robust and reliable, this new handgun has all the same buttons and switches as the regular M-4 Carbine so any learning curve between the real combat carbine, the Chiappa smallbore military look alike carbine and the new Chiappa M-Four pistol is zero.

MSRP: $469.00
Weight: 4.1 pounds
Overall length: 145/8 inches
Barrel length: 6 inches
Magazine capacity: 28 rounds
Caliber: .22 Long Rifle
Fun level: High

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