China launches more large-scale military exercises in eastern province.

China launched large-scale air defense exercises on Aug. 3 -…

China launched large-scale air defense exercises on Aug. 3 – the latest in a series of drills carried out amid U.S. concerns about Beijing’s increasing military assertiveness.

More than 10,000 defense personnel and seven different types of military aircraft are taking part in the drills in the eastern province of Shandong and the central province of Henan, the official China News Service said.

The exercises, codenamed “Vanguard 2010,” will involve emergency evacuation, war planning, and reconnaissance and early warning, the report said. They are slated to last five days.

The exercises – aimed at ensuring preparedness for the defense of Beijing in a potential air raid – will include one live-fire drill and will take place in real-time war conditions without any previous rehearsal, according to the report.

The exercises come hot on the heels of large naval and air drills held on China’s southeast coast last week, just as South Korea and the U.S. conducted their own naval exercises in the region, opposed by Beijing.

A large group of submarines and warships from the People’s Liberation Army Navy fired guided missiles in the South China Sea and tested anti-missile air defense systems.

The U.S. and China’s neighbors have expressed concerns about what is perceived as Beijing’s increasing military assertiveness.

Source: Defence News

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  • Robert

    I would have to agree with Eric . The more jobs we keep shipping over there the higher are unemployment is going to be . We said that about the jobs in Az., the illegals are just taking the jobs we don’t want well that is a bunch of bull. All they are doing is bring are wages down. Same with China they wouldn’t be getting the work from us if we put a higher tax rate on stuff coming in from out of the U.S.A.

  • Eric

    How is this being funded? Massive consumer spending from the West, especially in the US by means of WAL-MART. Consider the factories in China which WAL-MART utilizes. Consider Apple’s new factory in China which Board Member, Al Gore, says are for Chinese workers because US workers don’t want these jobs. What about funding from China? When will military interests be more important than economic ones? When that Day comes, it is war regardless of what the financial people predict…