Chinook Universal Tourniquet Pouch

Chinook Medical Gear, a leader in custom medical solutions and…

Chinook Medical Gear, a leader in custom medical solutions and field medical supplies for military, government, law enforcement, emergency preparedness, and emergency medical services (EMS), is proud to introduce the new Universal Tourniquet Pouch (TMK-UTQ) for Fall 2012.

Unlike other tourniquet pouches, the new TMK-UTQ is designed to fit most tourniquets on the market for ease of use and maximum versatility in the field. Whether for law enforcement or military units, tourniquets are a necessary device for life-threatening, severe bleeding when every second counts. Tourniquet pouches enable easy access for rapid deployment of tourniquets during critical life or death situations. Learn more at


The TMK-UTQ pouch features a streamlined design with elastic side panels for a universal fit for most tourniquets on the market, including:

– Combat Application Tourniquet (CAT)

– SOF Tactical Tourniquet (SOFTT)

– SOF Tactical Tourniquet Wide (SOFTT-W)

– Ratcheting Medical Tourniquet (RMT)

– And many other tourniquets of similar size

– Price $11.67 Each


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  • NoVA Guy

    That looks identical to the Marz Tactical tourniquet pouch- in fact, many of chinooks products look identical to other manufacturers