Citadel Defense Ballistic Shield

Cide Shields are a unique, innovative protective product specifically designed…

Cide Shields are a unique, innovative protective product specifically designed for uniform patrol and security duties. They offer protection for all first incident responders against ballistic, edged weapons, explosive and incendiary device attacks to their face, head and neck.

As responders conduct “every day, routine patrol duties” they are being targeted and attacked at increasing frequencies. Ballistic vests are great; however they don’t offer any protection for the head, face or neck. Additional protection is needed for our officers and security personnel, as they face increasingly more violent and potentially deadly attacks.


Cide Shields products are an essential life saving device because of they are light weight, transparency and offer advanced design features. Easily handled with one hand, allowing the other hand to remain free, they provide immediate cover for all first incident responders as they face today’s challenges.

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  • I think this is an excellent idea…
    My Captain was tragically killed in a shoot out with a suspected murderer…he was struck in the face by a single 9mm round while approaching the vehicle…A shield, like this one, which is man portable, and easy to manuver, could have possibly saved his life…I think something like this should be in all patrol vehicles…It would be excellent in felony stops, hasty building entries, or other situations, crowd control…ect.
    Do You have any sales reps. in our local area?

  • Anna

    What a fantastic product. These will definitely save a lot of lives.