CMR SALES Ultrasonic Handgun Clean and Lube System

CMR Sales Inc. introduces a deluxe, low cost Ultrasonic Handgun…

CMR Sales Inc. introduces a deluxe, low cost Ultrasonic Handgun Clean and Lube system for home use that really meets the needs of the serious shooter.  The Model HG575 can fit two full-size handguns or a 6″ revolver. System features include a stainless steel skirt, powerful industrial transducers, a 300-watt thermostat controlled heater, two baskets, a lube pan, two covers and a tank that is  6-inches deep for better parts coverage.

The system comes with enough Crest Ultrasonics premium non-hazardous, odorless detergent included to process approximately 150 guns. MSRP is $550.00 and includes a one year limited warranty. Contact CMR Sales for sales or more information 877-254-7939.

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  • Mcpl Paquette

    Good day, I’m looking for some info, I’m looking to buy a cleaning back: F636HT Heavy Duty Long Gun & Handgun System that can clean 10 handguns or 4 long guns at once. I would like to know if their is a dealer in Canada for this peice of equipment.

    Thank you.

    Mcpl Paquette

  • Dave

    Ultra sonic is nice, but you dont get the visual inspection you would with standard cleaning…