COBRA Shadow

The Cobra Shadow is a small “J” frame ultra lightweight…

The Cobra Shadow is a small “J” frame ultra lightweight hammerless revolver chambered for .38 Special +P. Available in multiple finishes. will be at the NRA Show getting the scoop on new products like this one!  Stay Tuned!

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  • Wiley-X

    Why another .38 snubbie? Because they work. Try firing an auto from inside of your jacket pocket. It will work once. This gun will fire five rounds with no problem.

  • Ryan Patton

    Kevin. Are you suggesting we all act like drones and all switch to auto’s ? You don’t have to get excited about it, but others may. Yeah there are a lot of snubbies out there, but one more will never hurt. There are also a ton of auto’s out there. Nice to have choices. IMHO.

  • Ted

    It’s all about the simplicity and depedability of function. Many who opt for the sexy self loaders will be hard pressed to put them into safe action when the time comes.

  • dan marcell

    lets give it a chance i want to see it.i wouldnt rely on anything else they make but this could be a reliable hand gun from them.there is all ways a place for revolvers.

  • Why bother? There are a ton of snubbie 38’s on the market, and people are getting away from wheelguns in large numbers. Why do we need another 38 special, and why should we be excited?