Need a gun that will be good for hunting, home…

Need a gun that will be good for hunting, home defense, pest control, competition, target practice, plinking, patrol duty or—fill in the blank?

One of the problems shooters face is getting a gun for each of the tasks above—and that can be pretty expensive. So they begin searching for a versatile gun that can fill many roles. After sorting through numerous options, lots of shooters conclude that they can buy just one AR-15 and use it for pretty much anything they want.

With the low recoil generated by the 5.56mm round, the gun is easy to shoot but is powerful enough for self defense, law enforcement or hunting some game.

As originally designed, the AR-15 was suited for a specific military duty—that of equipping soldiers with a small, portable arm. If you wanted iron sights and a carry handle, you were all set. Optics were not an option until someone decided they needed to look through glass instead of lining up two metallic reference points. Then a method of attaching a scope to the carry handle was invented, but that turned out to be only a marginally satisfactory solution. Eventually, someone decided to remove the carry handle and put a rail that would accept an optic mount on the top of the upper receiver. That soon evolved into the Mil-Std 1913 “Picatinny” rail, making the gun somewhat more versatile.

But as the mission of our warfighters grew, needs changed and flashlights began to be taped to the handguards so an operator could see what he was aiming at in the dark. That also turned out to be only marginally satisfactory, but then someone got the idea of putting an M1913 rail on the handguard to make it easy to mount a flashlight—or anything else that could be fitted with a proper mount.

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