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The Colt AR-15A4 is a battle-proven warhorse which offers enhanced accuracy and terminal ballistics!
Round polymer handguards with double heatshields cover the rifle-length gas system and the Parkerized and chrome-lined barrel.

Round polymer handguards with double heatshields cover the rifle-length gas system and the Parkerized and chrome-lined barrel.

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This article’s focus is Colt’s non-military version of the M16A4, the AR-15A4. Primarily, the difference between the M16A4 and the AR-15A4 comes down to the former’s capability for automatic (three-round burst, actually) fire—i.e., a three-position selector switch. The AR-15A4 is strictly a semi-automatic. Both still include M4 feed ramps for an increased level of confidence.

What does the AR-15A4 have that its grandfather several times removed, the M16A1, being drug through the jungles of Vietnam, did not have, excluding the M16’s military trigger system differences? Both sport fixed, glass-filled polymer stocks, polymer handguards (triangular on the earlier versions, round on the A4) with aluminum heatshields, black hardcoat anodized 7075-T6 aluminum alloy receivers, forward assists, front sight towers (with elevation-adjustable sight posts, square on the A4) and carry handles containing the adjustable rear sight (windage and elevation adjustable on the A4). However, the carry handle on the A4 is removable, leaving the Picatinny rail commonly found on flattop upper receivers ready for adding optics, sights and accessories.

Bores in their 20-inch, Parkerized steel barrels are chrome lined, with earlier models having 1-in-12- or 1-in-14-inch twist rates, while the A4 has a 1-in-7-inch twist rate for stabilizing heavier bullets. Modern barrels also have slightly heavier profiles outside the handguards for improved strength, trimmer profiles beneath the handguards, M203 grenade launcher cutouts and M4 feed ramps.

The operating system of both rifles (direct gas impingement) and weight (around 7.7 to 7.9 pounds) will be about the same, although the A4 family includes an ambidextrous selector switch. Unlike the M16A1, A4s utilize the more-ergonomic A2-style pistol grips with finger grooves. The flash suppressor does not have holes in the bottom, reducing dust kick-up when shooting prone.

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  • TOMP

    Just what we need, police who think law enforcement is like patrolling Fallujah.

    Number of sworn officers in America: approx. 780,000
    Number of officer’s killed by gunfire on duty 2013: 32 (including 2 “accidental”)

    Dressing up the purchase of your shiny new toys as “officer safety” is baloney. It also represents a very clear threat to the safety of Americans citizens, as you little boys in blue kill an average of 400 citizens a year.

    And Lord knows how many family pets.

    • yahooBear

      I understand your angst against LE, and agree that many in the LE community have a “righteous me, criminal you” mentality that views all citizens as either currently a perp, or will be a perp at some point in the future. I feel that these bad apples eventually get identified and expelled from the profession.

      But at the end of the day, LE forms the blue line that separates law-abiding, taxpaying society from those who prey on the weak and have little respect for civil order. Everyone chooses to live on one side of that blue line or the other. If you’re having LE issues, maybe you need to reexamine on which side of the blue fence you’ve chosen to live.