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The Colt AR-15A4 is a battle-proven warhorse which offers enhanced accuracy and terminal ballistics!
Removing the AR-15A4’s carry handle/rear sight reveals a Picatinny rail on top of the upper receiver for mounting optics and accessories.

Removing the AR-15A4’s carry handle/rear sight reveals a Picatinny rail on top of the upper receiver for mounting optics and accessories.

Range Time

Shooting the AR-15A4 was an interesting change from the M4-style carbines that have predominated in my testing recently. I could see how shifting the balance of the longer rifle forward would make it much easier to control recoil while firing three-round bursts in the M16A4.

Using my Lyman electronic trigger pull gauge, the trigger on the AR-15A4 weighed in at 6.6 pounds, almost dead center in the mil-spec range of 5 to 8 pounds, with a small amount of crunchiness and a definite break. This trigger weight was no cause for concern with the accuracy testing, and it’s actually a plus for any rifle used for serious social work where the user’s training level or excitement might make a lighter trigger pull a danger.

Secured in my Caldwell Lead Sled to wring the best accuracy I could from the Colt, the longer barrel, and possibly the rigidity of the fixed stock, along with Leupold’s sharp 1.5-4x20mm AR MOD 1 scope, easily demonstrated the effectiveness of the A4 system. Compared to the M4 systems I have been testing recently, the A4 seemed to produce an accuracy improvement of around 20 percent, and velocity increases in the 200 to 250 feet per second (fps) range.

I did a little work with the AR-15A4’s removable carry handle in place just to remind myself why it is fairly unpopular. Although the carry-handle-mounted rear sight worked as well as any other adjustable rear sight, I found I ended up with a poorer cheekweld when using the carry handle. Today, optical sights seem to work much better for most people, including myself.

With the carry handle removed and Leupold’s 1.5-4x20mm Mark AR MOD 1 scope, with its illuminated FireDot reticle, secured on the flattop, I was impressed by how well the AR-15A4 moved from target to target during CQB drills. Interior movement with the AR-15A4’s longer barrel and fixed stock was not as negatively affected, as many would have you believe. A little training by someone who understands the nuances of using a fixed-stock, longer-barreled AR can quickly provide the tricks of the trade needed—tucking the stock over the shoulder, etc.—to reduce the weapon’s overall length and more when working on CQB problems.

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  • TOMP

    Just what we need, police who think law enforcement is like patrolling Fallujah.

    Number of sworn officers in America: approx. 780,000
    Number of officer’s killed by gunfire on duty 2013: 32 (including 2 “accidental”)

    Dressing up the purchase of your shiny new toys as “officer safety” is baloney. It also represents a very clear threat to the safety of Americans citizens, as you little boys in blue kill an average of 400 citizens a year.

    And Lord knows how many family pets.

    • yahooBear

      I understand your angst against LE, and agree that many in the LE community have a “righteous me, criminal you” mentality that views all citizens as either currently a perp, or will be a perp at some point in the future. I feel that these bad apples eventually get identified and expelled from the profession.

      But at the end of the day, LE forms the blue line that separates law-abiding, taxpaying society from those who prey on the weak and have little respect for civil order. Everyone chooses to live on one side of that blue line or the other. If you’re having LE issues, maybe you need to reexamine on which side of the blue fence you’ve chosen to live.