Colt Defense LE6920 x Magpul

Colt Defense LLC, one of the world’s leading designers, developers,…

Colt Defense LLC, one of the world’s leading designers, developers, and manufacturers of rifles and carbines, will bring to market the LE6920MP, a rifle standard equipped with many of Magpul’s most popular firearm accessories. Available this month, this version of Colt’s top selling LE6920 will be available in a variety of color combinations complete with multiple Magpul accessories.

This rifle is the first product Colt Defense and Magpul have developed together. “By combining Colt’s quality firearm with Magpul’s popular accessories and offering them together in one standard product we are giving customers an option to save time and money,” said David Ridley, Vice President, Colt Defense LLC. “Magpul has earned its reputation for developing and manufacturing some of the most innovative firearm accessories available, and by making those accessories available as standard equipment on the new Colt LE6920MP we feel confident this firearm will be one of the highest quality products available.”

At the base of this new AR platform rifle is Colt’s popular 6920 Law Enforcement Carbine, proven to be effectively mobile during tactical deployment and traditional patrol. With a fully retracted buttstock, the carbine measures only 30.5 inches and weighs in at only 6.8 pounds. Tried and true, this carbine boasts proven advantages like a safe, semi-automatic rate of fire for potent firepower capability and speed of target acquisition.

The advantage of the LE6920MP is the addition of Magpul’s American-made accessories as standard equipment. The Magpul Original Equipment (MOE) additions are cost effective products engineered to enhance weapon performance and usability. “The Colt name has been synonymous with quality, reliability and pride in craftsmanship for decades,” says Drake Clark Senior Director of OEM sales, Magpul Inds. Corp, “The integration of Magpul’s industry leading designs into Colt’s top quality AR-15s brings tremendous value to the customer.”


Magpul accessories on the new Colt LE6920MP platform include the MOE Vertical Grip (MVG), MOE Hand Guard, Generation 2 Rear Back-Up Sight (MBUS), MOE-K Hand Grip, MOE Trigger Guard, MOE Carbine Stock and two durable 30-round Magpul Polymer Magazines (PMAG).

The Magpul MOE Vertical Grip (MVG), which is attached to the mid-length MOE Hand Guard and features an ergonomic design, is optimized for use with the thumb break shooting method. The LE6920MP is the only rifle on the market that offers the MVG as standard equipment.

The Generation 2 Magpul Rear Back-Up Sight (MBUS) is a spring-loaded flip-up sight that stows to just .51 inches above the rail and can be folded with either aperture in position. The MOE-K Hand Grip, with a compact design and a steeper, more vertical grip angle allows for improved comfort and control. Paired with the MOE-K grip is the polymer MOE Trigger Guard that has rounded edges and features a shallow “V” shape, beneficial for shooters wearing gloves in tactical or cold weather operations.

Also issued on the rifle is the MOE Carbine Stock, which has a streamlined A-frame profile. An extra-power lock mechanism with premium chrome-silicon springs helps to prevent auto-collapse failure and resists spring relaxation to deter auto-collapse failure. The rubber butt-pad offers prevention from shoulder slippage, even while wearing modular gear or body armor.

All models also come with two durable 30-round Magpul Polymer Magazines (PMAG) which have become the industry standard for reliable, impact resistant and resilient rifle-compatible magazines.

In addition to the black model, LE6920MP-B, other models being offered are the LE6920MP-FDE rifle, which features Magpul parts in flat dark earth; the LE6920MP-O including Magpul parts in olive drab; and the LE6920MPG-B with green anodized receivers and Magpul parts in black. Excluding the LE6920MPG-B, these rifles are also available with a bullet button for California compliance.

Both companies are excited to announce this partnership and bring these superior firearms to market. “Combining our products and giving shooters a quality rifle complete with accessories straight out of the box is something we’re excited to offer shooters,” said Ridley, “It is likely that this will not be the last product to come from this partnership.” For more information check out

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  • Zach

    I own a LE6920 Colt and bought it before they thought about doing all this to it. Honestly, I bought it for it’s high resale value, one day I may want to sell it. I built another AR for my shooter and have about 700 bucks in it. I will say this though, the Colt is an exceptional rifle. I was surprised to say the least. It is very accurate, even out to 600(with a 16 inch barrel). I can group 3 rounds at 600 the size of a half dollar, with the standard 7 1/4 pound trigger. I have had no malfunctions from it, granted I’ve only put around 600 rounds downrange with it. All in all, Colt isn’t a bad rifle, just a little pricey. They will hold their value though, so maybe lay off them a little bit….

  • tojy

    IMO, for that price, if its not Noveske, Knights Armament or Daniel Defence…why bother? F____ Colt.

  • Xavier Ramos Santoni

    DI Colt is famous for its unreliability from the rainy forest of Vietnam to Sunny Falluyah!!!
    Overrated expensive piece of crap that have killed more Marines than AlQueda!

  • Vinicius Betini

    Oh, c’mon you guys, I live in Brazil, here we can’t even buy an assault rifle, plus, the price you pay there for an M4 over here we pay on a .38 SPL pistol…

  • If you need some one to test this rifle please send it to me and i’ll fire it up on the range and see how she does. I could never afford something like this in today market and if I had one you could market it anyway you want.

  • Alex E

    I have to agree with Chad and Oz.
    Colt is nothing but a name… years behind everything in the market today and expensive as Heck !!!$1400+ for a basic M4. Crazy ! I have few friends that are obligated to carry a Colt M4 and hate it plus the reliability is not there anymore.

  • Chad

    Well, for one, that’s NOT the K grip. Besides that, way to go colt… Four years behind everyone else like always.

  • Oz

    How about lowering your prices???

  • A,J.P.