Colt Defense New LE6940 5.56mm

There are various manufacturers today that produce quality AR15 type…

There are various manufacturers today that produce quality AR15 type rifles, often with various enhancements. Nevertheless, there is still a cachet to those rifles that bear the rampant Colt. Colt originally developed the M16/AR15 and Colt Defense has continued to supply rifles and carbines to the armed forces and law enforcement agencies. That’s why I was enthusiastic after learning of Colt’s new LE6940.

colt-trijicon.jpgThe LE6940 owes its origins to the military SCAR (Special Operations Forces Combat Assault Rifle) program in 2004. Colt submitted two carbine types for the program. Type A was an impingement design, basically the type of AR15/M4 operating system, which has been in use for decades. Type C was a piston design. Many readers are asking themselves, “What was Type B?” Type B was a direct gas system carbine with an ARMS SIR (Selective Integrated Rail) system and ARMS 40L low profile BUIS (back-up iron sight). Both Type A and C Colt SCAR designs incorporated a one-piece upper receiver machined from a single 7075-T6 aluminum forging, keeping the carbine light in weight.

Since most military and LE operators add an aftermarket rail system, Colt decided to incorporate their own system that eliminates many of the problems with aftermarket systems. Some add-on rails add weight, not to mention cost, to the carbine. It is also difficult with some rail systems to maintain zero for the optical sight.

Additionally, the rail system may trap heat within the handguards or even transfer heat back into the receiver. When the weapon is fired a lot, some rail systems have been known to work loose as well. The LE6940’s rail system was designed to eliminate these problems, while keeping weight below that of a standard M4 with aftermarket rails. Too many M4s end up becoming heavy and dead in the hands, thus losing much of the carbine’s appeal.

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  • panzer SS

    Yeah, I got one of these. Check the prices alot though before purchase. Prices from $1300 to $2000. This rifle is really small compared to others I have, HK PSG1, and 91, AK47, FN’s, MIA, just to name a few. I shearched on this before the purchase and read that some of the piston types not to mention by name here but that when the bolt goes back it wears the threads out at the back where the buffer is at, due to bolt carrer being tilted up in front from gas rod stricking it. Also read that Colt has no desire now for the piston type due to these problems. So they going to stick with the established system they have. And this rifle is really light for me. But for the rifle compared to others I will stick with Colts. If you research about others some but not all they are subworked rifles out there, but there are some I fell are better than Colts too.

  • Clay

    I recently purchased a Colt LE6920 and want to know if I can purchase the monolithic rail system, low profile gas block and flip up front and rear sigthts to upgrade the 6920 to a 6940?