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Colt Defense LLC, is pleased to introduce the new Colt®…


Colt Defense LLC, is pleased to introduce the new Colt® Super-Stoc and announce that it is making the new, leading-edge technology buttstock standard issue on select Colt AR and M4 rifles sold into the domestic commercial and law enforcement markets. The new Colt Super-Stoc, designed by Bill Rogers, will be available later this month.

“Since 1836, Colt has been committed to offering nothing but the highest quality products to each and every customer,” said David Ridley, vice president, Colt Defense. “With the new Colt Super-Stoc, we continue to deliver on that tradition by pairing one of the most advanced stocks available with the best rifle in the world.”

Colt Defense and Bill Rogers have teamed up to engineer the most advanced, third generation of the Super-Stoc, using innovative technologies and proprietary materials. Designed to be as lightweight as possible while maintaining durability, the Colt Super-Stoc weighs 6.56 ounces, ranking it among the lightest stocks available. The stock is designed specifically for the new Colt rifles to give an unequaled fit and survivability during the most extreme conditions.

“The Colt Super-Stoc is one of the lightest, strongest and most secure collapsible stocks for the M4/AR series of weapons,” said Bill Rogers, chief shooting instructor, Rogers Shooting School. “Our partnership with Colt was a no-brainer. We want the highest quality rifle in the world to be outfitted with the world’s newest and most technologically advanced stocks available.”

A unique Cam-Lock system is a new design feature that, when operated, securely locks onto the buffer tube like a solid stock. This Cam-Lock system completely removes any slop or play commonly inherent with aftermarket collapsible stocks as well as eliminating any movement due to wear. The Cam-Lock lever also features a convenient reversible design, enabling the user to customize his or her stock to suit the desired preference. Other features include a removable recoil pad, sling loop, quick detach swivel sling mount and Quick Release lever which unlocks the Cam-Lock and indexing pin with one motion.

The original M4 buttstock will still be made available to commercial and law enforcement customers by Colt Defense. For more information on the new Colt Super-Stoc or Colt’s classic M4 stock, please visit

Colt is making available a new buttstock they’ve recently developed. It represents a third-generation of buttstock technology and was developed in partnership with renowned shooting instructor, Bill Rogers. Colt’s new Colt Super-Stoc is available this month and features numerous improvements over similar buttstocks, listed below.

Fit – Performs like a solid stock –
A unique Cam-lock system securely locks the stock on the buffer tube and removes the slot or play that is all too common in aftermarket collapsible stocks.

Lightweight –

Even with features such as a recoil pad, sling loop, Quick Release level and Cam-Lock system, the Colt Super-Stoc is on of the lightest buttstocks on the market.

Additional Features –

Removable recoil pad, sling loop, quick detach swivel sling mount, Cam-Lock system, Quick Release lever

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  • neil fischer

    when? i really like the look and idea of it would def like to try it

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  • Tony Yates

    If it’s from COLT DEFENSE you know it’s the best material and craftsmanship.

  • Rod


    Where can I purchase the Colt defense Super-Stoc??

  • Joe Caputo

    I love the Colt/Rogers Super Stock. It is about time Colt changed to a much better looking and better functoning Stock. It is interesting that a few people are annoyed at the obvious similarity to the Magpul version. It is just like the Sixtys Chevy Camaro to the Pontiacs. People appreciate the slight difference in the design and a variety of design appeals to the consumer.

  • Bill Rogers is a Ninja