COLT Delta Elite Pistol

With the return of the Colt Delta Elite pistol, the…

With the return of the Colt Delta Elite pistol, the time-tested Colt Government Model® is once again available in 10mm. Colt was one of the original pioneers in adapting a combat pistol to the potent 10mm cartridge, and the first to successfully manufacture a 10mm caliber pistol in the United States. The Colt Delta Elite pistol had been a favorite amongst combat shooters, and offered the power to hunt medium size game in the legendary M1911-style pistol. The Delta Elite 10mm offers near 41 Magnum ballistics in a semi-automatic pistol.

Built by American Craftsman, this winning combination of an 8 + 1 capacity full size handgun with 10mm ballistics marks the return of the Delta Elite.

The newest edition of the Colt Delta Elite is true to the original design, with a forged stainless steel frame, slide, slide stop, and barrel. Features such as Wrap Around Rubber Grips with Delta Medallions, White Dot Sights, Arched Main-Spring Housing, Combat Hammer, and 80 Series Firing System give the Delta Elite the winning combination of proven capability, endurance and classic appearance that is sure to appeal to the handgun enthusiast and retro collector alike.

* White Dot Sights
* Aluminum Trigger
* Combat Hammer
* Original Roll markings
* 8 + 1 Capacity
* Wrap Around Rubber Grips with Delta Medallions
* Chambered in 10mm
* 80 Series Firing Pin Safety System

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  • Art

    If you like the Glock stick with it. I bought a Deltal Elite back in the 80’s and also a Glock in 10mm. I got rid of the Glock after a while. It was not very accurate and started breaking. I really felt that it would let me down at some time when I really needed it. I still have the Delta Elite and it is accurate and fun to shoot. I much prefer the Colt.

  • Luke

    I use to be a rangemaster for peace officers for the state. That was before I went to work for the privte sector. Anyways I purchased the colt delta elite and I made a couple of upgrades to it. I have previously fired the glock 20 and it reminded me of anyother glock the grouping pattern is way off. I know that I am a good shot, and the fact that the grouping from the glock wasabout the size of a paper plate. While my grouping size for the colt was easily with in a skoal chew can. Depending on the nubmer of people I am dealing with from previous experiance I know it only takes one bullet to do its job. If you know how to do it right. you don’t need 24 bullets for one guy or even 2 for that matter. One shot, One down

  • John Pelfrey

    could you know the production run of colt’s delta elite and how many were produced? Thanks

  • gunfan

    The Delta Elite is a great “basic” Series 80 1911-type pistol.

    That said, I prefer the Series 70 system used in my DW Razorback. While I carried a Glock Model 20 as an Armed Security Officer, I STILL love (and prefer) my DW Razorback.

    The Glock Model 20 is a “tough as nails” or “bet your life on it” shooting machine. It kept me alive in some rather “hairy situations.”

    The Colt Delta Elite is a good, basic, “no frills” 10mm, ther are others that are better, but the Colt product isn’t bad.

  • I understand your thing about the Delta Elites and the Glocks. Normally most people aren’t going to go to a gunsmith to tune this, bend this, change this. No matter what the cost. They want to purchase a gun take it to the range and have it perform as a quality gun. I also seen a picture of a glock that an officer dressing to get ready to go on Duty Left ( Empty ) and what happened to it when his pet dog decided it was his his chew toy. Mark 1 for the dog the Glock was a total loss in the Grip and Magwell area’s I don’t know if I would want to put my life on a gun prone to a small accident. what if in a scuffle his primary weapon fell out and got kicked into the street and a passing car ran it over could he still use it to save his life. Thats not to say the Delta elite is the top choice but I think a slightly more durable gun would be a better choice to bet your life on

  • Jim

    Bought two of the new Delta Elites in June/09. Had to do it at two different dealers. Both pistols are Colt Quality. Out of the box both guns had 200 rds. each put thru them without so much as a hiccup. Each pistol has now had 1,000+ rds. thru them with no malfunctions. The magazines with removeable base plates don’t work so well, the base plates bend when you reload under timed conditions.

  • can you send me some of your catalouegs?where can i buy these delta elite ebb pistol how is the mode of payment?i’m from the philippines

  • Dave

    I have had 2 Delta Elites, usual Colt quality is not lacking, Then I bought a Glock 20, best of out the Box 10mm you can get IMHO, it made my Colts looks very pale and poor competitors by comparison, the down side, Glock triggers SUCK, but I spent $130 for a quality trigger, and another 50 for extended slide release, and extended mag release, and another 24 for Wolf springs, and I am extremely happy, and ironically, I am still well under the price of just one of my Delta’s. Great investments, but for a carry and shooter, I much prefer the Glock.