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Colt Announces the New 10mm Delta Elite Rail Gun for 2017

Colt has announced plans to release the 10mm Delta Elite Rail Gun, which adds an accessory rail while retaining all of last year's redesigned features.

Judging by the firearms Colt is planning on releasing in 2017, it looks like the iconic Connecticut-based manufacturer is in for a big year. Along with the Colt Cobra, one of the guns on the docket is the new Delta Elite Rail Gun in 10mm.

Widely regarded as having “saved” that particular round when the original Delta Elite was released back in 1987, Colt redesigned the Delta Elite last year with an upswept beavertail grip safety, extended thumb safety, composite stocks with Delta medallions, and Novak white dot sights. Now, they’re upping the ante yet again with the addition of an accessory rail.

“The Delta Elite started its life as tactical option for 1911 enthusiasts who required more stopping power than your tradition .45 ACP,” said Justin Baldini, Product Director for Colt. “In that world, an accessory rail makes a lot of sense. What we’ve seen, though, is that this is a great platform for hunting pig or other medium sized game. In those types of scenarios, proper illumination is critical, so I think hunters will really appreciate the ability to add on their favorite rail-mounted lighting.”

The 10mm Delta Elite Rail Gun isn’t on Colt’s website yet, but the press release says that all of the features from the redesigned Delta Elite are present on the rail gun variant. The SKU is O2020RG, and the MSRP is $1,299.

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  • hikfromstik

    I’ve shot 10+ boxes of 180gr @ 1350fps and 155gr@ 1550fps (800ftlbs) of underwood ammo without one bulge . Anything more is dangerous in even a Glock . The DE will handle up to 800ftlbs of energy . That’s almost double the energy of a .45 acp .Anything more is revolver territory. When I was new to the 10mm I wanted the nuclear stuff too . As I got settled in I was very happy with the 600-700ftlbs which IMHO is where the big 10mm shines . I still shoot a mag here and there of the underwood ammo to put a smile on my face.

  • Gary Fisher

    The PROBLEM here is that you just cannot put the (REAL) 10mm round in a 1911 FRAME!!! It needs to be striker fire first of all, and made BEEFY enough to take the AWSOME 1700 FPS and 802 ME that 10mm can kick out.