COLT’s LE6940 Carbine

  The nation’s primary manufacturer of the AR-15 series of…


The nation’s primary manufacturer of the AR-15 series of rifles introduced the LE 6940 carbine for the 2009 law enforcement market. The gun that I saw was semi-automatic, but I am sure that a full auto version is available for qualified buyers. The gun is a traditional direct gas impingement gun (a Colt representative at the show told me that they have no plans to make a gas piston gun) in an M4 carbine configuration with a difference.

The receiver and top half of the fore-end consist of a one-piece, free-floating barrel assembly, which has proven to increase accuracy. To gain access to the barrel, the lower section of the railed fore-end can be removed by pulling several pins. The fore-end offers classic Picatinny rails for the addition of needed accessories, including side mounted sling swivels. The gas block doubles as a flip-up front sight so that it does not “clutter” the sight picture of any optics added to the top of the receiver. The iron sights that were standard on the gun I saw were simple and robust.


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  • Roger

    I picked up on of these rifles two months ago, and I have to say i have no regrets! the thing just shoots on target everytime!! I have never hads a problem with it and get plenty of looks at thr range!LOl..Get one while you can!!

  • panzerSS

    Well I was going to purchase a RR Comp Elite until I saw that they machine their feed ramps. Why don’t they get the real M4 uppers. Anyway got the Colt 6940 instead. Really a neat weapon. Sure to be putting on upgrades soon. Really like the top rail too. Scopes should not lose accuracy when placed back on rifle. But now I have several rifles HK PSG1& 91s, FN-LARs, AKs, MIA1s etc. I know a good trigger and this 6940 should be better for the price I paid that was well (1350.00). But it is a item I can live with and is Okay. Will probably install lazer (green or blue) for best visibility day and night. But really this 6940 is a keeper, really the neatest of all the AR family.

  • Paul

    I purchased the Colt LE6940 last month and I absolutely love this thing. Got about 800 rounds through it so far without a hiccup, and quite accurate. I am new to the AR world and this is my first one. I have to admit that I was a bit hesitant about paying the $1500 (which is not a bad deal for this particular rifle) for a standard, gas impingement AR system with all of the new piston stuff out there in a similar price range but I went ahead and grabbed it mainly due to Colt’s reputation for a solid product. The damn thing looks sexy with the monolithic upper as well, which I plan on getting an Eotech and vertical foregrip to put on in the near future. So far, I love the thing and can’t wait for those upcomming range trips!