Combat Kit K9 Attack Leash

No need to go down to the collar and release…


No need to go down to the collar and release the dog for attacking, just pull and let the dog go —This attack leash is made from soft sling webbing and is a quick release leash that you open by pulling the pull tab (picture 2, 3), the leash goes true the cordura tunnel (picture 4) and true the main O-ring on the collar. When you have used the leash, open the velcro on the cordura tunnel and reload the attack leash.

-Combat Kit recommends that you always hold the pull tab in your hand (picture 1) when you are walking the dog.
-Combat Kit recommends to train the dog few times to get use to the felling and sound from the leash when released.
-Combat Kit recommend to use it on collars with minimum 25mm O-ring for smother releasing.

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