Comp Bullet

The principles on which it is based: How do the…

The principles on which it is based:

How do the gases behave during deflagration? They push in all directions and a limited quantity passes quickly beyond the bullet, making it starting its movement. The case is still stopped, sticked to the walls of the cartridge chamber and will begin to move back with the slide, only when we don’t have pressure. When the superior part of Comp Bullet will be beyond the muzzle, it will discharge, through the advanced vents, an important amount of gas, creating a muzzle brake effect perfectly symmetrical, thanks to the extremely precise vents works, done by numerical control.


At the same time, according to the holes inclination kind, it can create a “rocket” effect generating the opposite of the recoil energy force. As a consequence, the effect into the hand will be less violent in order to give a greater control for faster shoot. Regarding the compensated weapons or those equipped of hybrid type holes, this system anticipates the compensation work, releasing, towards the direction of the rooms, the gas jets leaking from the superior part of the bullet, before that the following one passes through the barrel equipped with hybrid holes or compensated. It deals with a bullet which is made inside of the brake muzzle properties.

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  • ARA

    This reminds me of fishing lures designed to catch fishermen rather than fish.

  • Awlhattin O’Kaddle

    The website has these with rhinestones set in them.

    Those Frogs are Bad To The Bone.

  • I like the concept. I’d like to reload some of these and see what the Chrono says.