Concealed Carry Clothiers Travel-Safe Vest

Concealed Carry Clothiers introduces its Travel-Safe Vest. This tactical yet…

Concealed Carry Clothiers introduces its Travel-Safe Vest. This tactical yet conservatively designed vest looks far different from virtually every other available vest that is marketed to the concealed carry public. Its durable, light-weight design incorporates every conceivable feature needed for concealing not only a handgun but cell phone, wallet, GPS, passport, and camera to name a few. With the addition of our Internal Pockets and uniquely designed Gun Belt, CCC offers a complete package that the competent and conscientious warrior and operator needs – a vest that is discrete, virtually invisible, and secure with comfortable carry options.


Key features:

• 2 chest-level internal handgun pockets allow gun to be securely attached inside the pocket and sheltered by the user’s arm
• 2 internal accessories pockets
• Internal pockets’ number and design are customizable and sold separately
• 3 canvas-lined external accessories pockets — waist pockets facilitate a clean sweep when reaching for a waist-mounted holster
• Designed to conceal OWB or IWB holsters, and shaped armholes conceal shoulder holsters
• Canvas internal pockets provide strength, durability and print protection
• 4-snap front closure plus Velcro Wind Strip, which enables the vest to be gently tacked closed at mid-point
• Solid back for better weight balancing
• Lightweight, 4-ply Taslan material is shrink-free and wash-and-wear for easy care
• Made In America

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  • Walt Brewer

    These are available from Concealed Carry Clothiers and there are many styles and colors available, as well as Gun Belts

    Good stuff.

  • Dwayne

    where can I find this vest?

  • guy huggins

    can you give me a phone number so i can order this vest?