CQB Long Gun Control

Shoulder mounted weapons, such as the patrol rifle, afford police…

Shoulder mounted weapons, such as the patrol rifle, afford police officers several advantages including increased firepower, higher ammunition capacity, and the ability to deliver accurate rounds from greater distances than a handgun.

cqb.gifOnce considered a weapons platform exclusive to designated tactical teams, the patrol rifle is now carried in patrol vehicles nationwide. Agencies that have yet to implement a patrol rifle program generally provide officers with a shotgun, which has been the shoulder weapon of choice in law enforcement for decades. Although there are significant differences between the patrol rifle and the shotgun both are two-handed, shoulder-mounted weapons. As such, from a weapon retention standpoint, they present the same challenges.

Training in the use of these weapons generally consists of basic manipulation, shooting, re-loading, malfunction clearing, and methods of transitioning from shoulder weapon to handgun. Unfortunately most training fails to adequately prepare officers to keep their weapon out of the wrong hands in the midst of a violent close quarter battle.

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