Custom Mk48 7.62mm machine gun ammo backpack, named “Ironman” a game changer on battlefield.

Someone mentioned actor Jesse Ventura in the movie "Predator." His…

Someone mentioned actor Jesse Ventura in the movie “Predator.” His character brandished an M-134 Mini-gun fed by an ammo box on his back. After the Soldiers had a good laugh over that thought, Staff Sgt. Vincent Winkowski asked why a gunner couldn’t carry a combat load of ammo. He decided to pursue the idea.

“When we first arrived in theater in late October (2010), we were issued the Mk 48 7.62 mm machine guns,” Winkowski said. “This was a new piece of equipment for us, and we struggled to come up with a solution for carrying and employing ammunition for it due to our small size and the inability to have a designated ammo bearer, as is common doctrine with the M240B.


“The ammunition sacks that came with it made it too cumbersome and heavy to carry over long, dismounted patrols and especially when climbing mountains. Initially, we came up with using 50-round belts and just reloading constantly, which led to lulls of fire and inefficiency.”

So Winkowski grabbed an old ALICE (all-purpose lightweight individual carrying equipment) frame, welded two ammunition cans together — one atop the other after cutting the bottom out of the top can — and strapped the fused cans to the frame. To that he added a MOLLE (modular, lightweight load-carrying equipment) pouch to carry other equipment.


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  • Big Shrek

    Back in the early 90’s I re-used a 2-qt canteen liner w/shoulder strap by putting in a dis-assembled cardboard ammo box to line the bottom with & filling it with 7.62 linked ammo…500-rds worth.

    It was light enough to carry all day, easy to keep over the left shoulder (since my M60E strap was on the right), and worked great…and most importantly, didn’t mess with my ruck or movement…

    This also kept SAND out of my ammo…which is highly important out at Eglin/Camp Rudder & in the sandbox’s of Iraq & Afghanistan…

    Toss a few more boxes of ammo into the ruck, and my ammo-bearer’s, and we were good to go 🙂
    Eventually it graduated into making several of these canteen carrier ammo holders, so we could spread around the ammo load for even MORE capacity…and fast use thereof…