CZ’s 75 SP-01 Phantom

The CZ 75 SP-01 PHANTOM is a variant of the…


The CZ 75 SP-01 PHANTOM is a variant of the CZ 75 SP-01 TACTICAL pistol. Thanks to its low weight achieved by the use of heavy-duty plastic is this handgun suitable for armed forces and similar service. The interchangeable back strap section makes this handgun easy to configure for any hand size. The pistol is further outfitted with decocking lever.

Technical info:

    9 x 19
Detachable magazine capacity  18
Overall length    207 mm
Barrel length    120 mm
Height    147 mm
Width    37 mm
Weight    800 g
Trigger mechanism  SA/DA
Frame    polymer
Finish    black polycoat (slide)
Safety elements    decocking lever, safety stop on hammer, firing pin safety

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    Love everything about mine except I ripped off the decocking lever on a fast draw when it caught on my vest, it was a smooth draw so I am assuming the lever was already cracked. A plus came from the manufacturers lifetime parts warranty, and they were quick to have me send them the firearm for repairs and very apologetic. Something you don’t see alot of anymore.

  • tom r

    I’ve read nothing but good about this gun at every review and forum site I’ve visited. Think this will be the next one in my collection…now I cant wait

  • James

    I picked one of these up about a month ago and I’m very satisfied with my investment. In all honesty, this sights up and shoots better than my Beretta 92FS (and *close* to my kimber pro carry).. which I think is an admirable comparison.

    One of the first thing I noticed when I picked up this gun is that it feels a lot thinner than other 9mm’s of this capacity. This trigger had some creep to for the first 300 rounds or so, but it broke in nicely after a couple stops to the range and cleaning. Accuracy and performance are spot on now, very little recoil to boot.

    I guess one point of disatisfaction is that the grips are all plastic and not interchangable. I haven’t had any issues with discomfort though at this point. But it would be nice to have some rubber..

  • Wes

    to Chris – press down on the lanyard fitting and then use the supplied tool to press out the pin. to install just reverse the procedure

  • Chris

    I just purchaced a CZ SP-01 Phantom. Does anyone know how to change the backstrap – there is no info. about it in the manual.

  • Richard

    One of the best shooting pistols I’ve shot. Man, the gun is so light, I could carry it all day without any difficulty. The accuracy was way better than any glocks i shot, yeah even better than the “competition-ready glocks”. I’ve also shot the steel variants of the sp-01, and my verdict is, it shoots the same as the phantom. i found the phantom even better, because aiming it to the next target was just a breeze. I felt minimal recoil, and muzzle flip was the same as the steel variants. I shot better with the phantom. At 10 yards, 15 yards and 25 yards, I was hitting the A zones of the ipsc target boards with the best groupings i’ve had. In my first 500 rounds, I have not experience any fte’s, ftf’s or any problems.
    10 stars out of 10 for the phantom.

  • juan

    yes you’re the only one i heard who is sick and tired about it. maybe you need to see a doctor. or get some rest. hahaha.

    cz sp01 phantom is a great gun. the thinner backstrap made me grip the gun better and shot it better.

  • David Homoney

    Am I the only one whom is sick and tired of the “interchangable backstrap” on every new gun out there? This does next to nothing to better a pistol.