All our lingering at the Daniel Defense booth definitely paid…

All our lingering at the Daniel Defense booth definitely paid off: They finally revealed their long-anticipated first-ever M4 carbine! Known for their-high quality rail systems, mounts, gas blocks and upper receivers, Daniel Defense mastered quality engineering in the production of various components before attempting a high-end 5.56 NATO-chambered rifle. New for Daniel Defense is the M4 carbine’s lower receiver, a Mil Spec unit with an enhanced flared magazine well. The 16-in. barrel is 4150 MP tested, chrome lined, and features 1:7-in. rifling. The barrel is shrouded by the company’s Omega X 12.0 FSP rail system and MAPUL provides the MOE buttstock and 30-round PMAG.

For more information on this new M4, visit DDM4.com & watch their video!


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  • Daniel Kravatz

    I bought the DD M4V5 a few months ago, put and Eotech and MBUS sights on it and let me tell you. I havent had so much fun shooting since my M16 from my days with the 82nd Airborne. Definitely a top notch weapon, light weight, accurate, and tough as nails. It compliments my SCAR 17 sh perfectly as either a backup or mission specific primary

  • Tom

    Over 25K rounds and not (1) stoppage as of yet. This is a sweet rifle. Best bang for the buck I have ever seen in an M4 platform. The balance is awesome. I love this rifle more and more each day I handle her.

  • Tom

    The DD M4 is the new benchmark in the M4/AR15/M16 World. A complete tactical rifle out of the box with everything you need and nothing you don’t. Just add a light and a scope or holosight and your weapon is top tier and GTG. Getting Sub MOA out of mine up to 100 yards just using the iron sights (I have rediculously good sight/eyes). I put over (2000) rounds down the tube the first outing and not a hiccup. I tried all the ammo I could find that day and nothing had any problems (some 55 grainers didn’t like the 1:7 twist rate and were less accurate, but that was to be expected). I put a patch with rem oil down the tube after (1000) rounds and kept going; pretty dirty after I was done for the day but a few hours of cleaning and it is back to pristine shape. This rifle out performs rifles that go for double the price (and have half the accessories out of the box!). The most complete weapons system out of the box I have ever seen for the price offered.
    Why pay $1,000.00 for a crap DPMS, STAG, CMMG, RRA, BUSHY, Yankee Hill Machine, etc, etc, etc…
    When you can spend $500.00-$700.00 more (Depedning on who and where you buy from?) and get a real milspec rifle designed by the great Larry Vickers. Seen guys spend $12,00.00 on some garage build from “I build the best AR on the market” types on teh forums and they were shit, gas keys not stacked, crap barrels, out of spec in too many ways, and rattling pieces of junk (But oh do they “look” cool. Never understood the whole “looks” aspect to guns; looks matter not; going bang evertime in every situation matters!!! Function over form anyday! Function and form is what DD has created)

    One of the best features of this rifle is the 12.0 rail that extends past the front sight post. You can put a light at 3:00 o’clock (If righty) or 9 o’clock (If Lefty) and you get almost zero barrel shadow, so you can actually see through your entire peripheral vision without blind spots from the barrel shadow; from an SD point of view, this is invaluable.
    The magwell allows all mags to seat properly, I mean all mags! I tried but cannot find a mag that gives this rifle problems. The trigger is crisp and light, breaks very nicely. The fit is tight as hell (not too tight, just right) and the finish is second to none. Just a beautiful no nonsense platform that will outperfom 99.99% of the M4/AR15/M16 rifles out there.
    Shit, Larry Vickers designed it; need I say more?

  • greg

    I purchased one last year and the pins holding the upper receiver intact are VERY HARD to push out. I have to use a small punch or screwdriver to open. Are there any replacement pins that are easier to open? Sig has one out for their 556.

  • Rick Jones

    Just purchased the M4 with Aimpoint Micro H1 sights. I am very familiar with Daniel Defense products and I am sure this M4 is a fine product as well. Well done DD. Now out to the range and I will report back my findings……

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  • Perfect as soon as i get one in .308!