Danner TFX A-TACS Tactical Boots

For years, the tactical industry has sought a viable concealment…

For years, the tactical industry has sought a viable concealment solution for boots. Now, with the introduction of the A-TACS / Danner all-camo TFX tactical boot, that vision becomes a reality.

Designed to compliment the A-TACS “Total Concealment Solution”, the Danner TFX boot is not only designed to perform in the field, but also reduce the risk of visual detection. During the development process, a variety of tactical professionals were consulted, including field operatives and sniper instructors. The feedback they provided was an integral part of the development of this specialized boot. The all camo upper is complimented by the full camo sole-an industry first, which is specifically designed to reduce chances of visual detection when in the prone position.



The A-TACS / Danner TFX will be available in a “Uniform” version featuring a Gore-Tex® waterproof, breathable liner, and a non waterproof “Hot Uniform” version featuring a light weight moisture-wicking liner. Danner.com/atacs/

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