DAW TECH Special Operations Bunker

DAW Tech's Special Operations Bunker is a modular, moveable, multi-use…

DAW Tech’s Special Operations Bunker is a modular, moveable, multi-use ballistic bunker providing flexible ballistic protection. The S.O.B.’s unique design enables users to assess the threat level and then assemble the S.O.B. into the most suitable configuration in a matter of minutes. The basic bunker is composed of three modular welded aluminum frames and twenty-seven individual N.I.J. Level IIIA modular ballistic panels. When assembled, the layered design of the panels provides N.I.J. Level III protection.

Each frame section has extruded aluminum channels to receive the ballistic panels. Each channel is designed to permit three panel layers with offset panel joints to create overlap and avoid a weakness in the ballistic system. The left and right hand frames have casters that permit mobility of the fully assembled bunker.

The entire assembly takes less than five minutes. If deployed from the S.O.B. trailer no assembly is required.  Visit www.ballisticbunker.com for more info.

* The optional N.I.J. Level IV vision panel permits safe observation and a “return-fire” port.
* The free-standing bunker relieves personnel of shield weight and does not occupy their hands.
* The frame permits one, two or three panels in each opening to protect against varying threat levels. Three panels provide the maximum protection (rated for N.I.J. Level III, Winchester .308 rounds fired from 50’-0” and Level III+, 30-06 rounds fired from 90’-0”), one panel provides minimum protection (rated for N.I.J. Level IIIA, 44 magnum and 9mm handgun rounds fired from 16’-4”).

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  • Leon

    After watching Rio de Janeiro,Brazil Police,and the
    urban/slums terrain that they have to operate in,
    this would obviously be a product to consider.

  • steve

    Seams like low cost alternitive to a full blown armored vehicle. Maybe good for smaller agencies.

  • Albert

    Canada’s Elite Benny Hill anti terror unit in action

  • Jackie

    That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen….

    And I’ve seen Paris Hilton in person.