Deep Conceal Double Shoulder Strap

This new line of holsters not only has two shoulder…

This new line of holsters not only has two shoulder straps, providing extra security and comfort, but has been completely redesigned to provide as much as 9 inches of vertical adjustment to fit virtually any body type and size.

Like the existing Single Strap models, these new holsters allow you to comfortably carry and completely
conceal small/medium or large frame firearms. With the holster at chest level, the firearm is easily accessed sitting or standing, and unlike most CCW holsters, the Deep Conceal holsters can be worn with a tucked in polo or dress shirt. Two models of the Deep Conceal Double Strap are available.

The ULTRA* for Small/Medium frame firearms and the MAX** for large frame firearms. Each comes with slots for 2 extra magazines.

*Available in six chest sizes from 31”-55”. **Available in five chest sizes from 35”-55” & for firearms up to 8.85” in length.


For Men & Women Right & Left Handed; Black & Natural Color (shown) Adjusts to Fit / Right & Left; Made in the U.S.A.; 1-877-HIDE-GUN;

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