Del-Ton DTI-4 5.56mm

While at a media event sponsored by an advertising and…

While at a media event sponsored by an advertising and PR firm, one of the many manufacturers present touted its new AR line. You may be thinking, a new AR line, at a time when AR-style rifles are built by more makers than ever before in its history? Well, the company is Del-Ton and they’ve been a provider of AR parts for some time. They made its bones as a web-based enterprise, one that emphasizes customer service and has a selection of brands from which to choose. They bundle the variety of parts and parts makers with reasonable pricing.

delton2.jpgOnce they’d hit their stride, people who’d been ordering parts to build ARs began to call for AR parts kits. They moved from parts providers to kit assemblers, selling a customer all but the lower receiver. That way, you got everything you needed delivered to your door and you had only to go to a federal licensee to buy a stripped lower receiver.

From there it was a short leap to, “Where can we buy a completed rifle?” Del-Ton responded with rifles built with their own company-marked receivers. I got to see and handle some samples at the media event, and requested a sample.

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