DESANTIS Outback Single Point-Mount Bungee Sling

DeSantis' Outback Single Point‐Mount Bungee Sling is constructed with heavy‐duty…

DeSantis’ Outback Single Point‐Mount Bungee Sling is constructed with heavy‐duty material and is built to last. The sling is perfect for deploying in a combat zone, responding to an active‐shooter or for long tours protecting and serving the public. DeSantis selected the finest materials and carefully designed this sling with the end‐user and his rifle in mind. It is full load‐bearing rated on all hardware and Bungee, to support the heaviest accessorized rifles of today’s military and law enforcement.

sling2There are no snag points; its low profile to the body allows easy access to the rifle’s fire controls.  Made with weight‐rated 3/8” bungee that is wrapped with high strength tubular nylon.  The sling secures to the weapon’s single point mount with a quick‐release, heavy‐duty hardware that is covered for silence.  Fully positional with over 6” of length adjustment built in.

The OutbackTM sling can be worn in five styles utilizing the included components:
1. Yolk sling‐style which attaches directly to the soft‐tabs or D‐rings featured on several models of current ballistic tactical vests,

2. Around the neck or neck‐shoulder style for situations where attachment directly to a vest are impractical or unavailable,

3. H.O.V. (Hung on Vest) style, off‐center from the vest’s shoulder, with full weight carrying capabilities.

The OutbackTM Single Point‐Mount Bungee Sling #M03 is available mmediately. Contact your local DeSantis dealer, your GSA officer, or order direct at

MSRP $49.99

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