DeSantis Gunhide's latest addition in IWB nylon, the M24 Tuck‐This…


DeSantis Gunhide’s latest addition in IWB nylon, the M24 Tuck‐This II is built from heavily padded 1050D Black Ballistic nylon and is lined with slick pack cloth. The widely adjustable belt tab can swing from cross draw to FBI‐strong side carry. The tab allows the shirt to be tucked down in between the gun and trousers affording nearly total concealment.

DeSantis made the original “Tuckable” in the early seventies and cataloged it as the “IA” holster. Auto loader versions of the Tuck This llTM will have a magazine pouch built into the front holster spine. The M24 is currently made for most concealable hand guns in both right and left hand versions. MSRP is $37.00. U.S. Patent-pending.

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  • Russ A.

    I bought one of these and tried to make it work with my Glock 27. Several design problems became evident, the most important of which is that the entire weight of the gun and holster hang on the waistband of the pants. No weight is supported by the belt. The belt’s only function is to prevent the holster from coming with the gun when the gun is drawn.

    I tried the holster with a good pair of blue jeans with a firm wasteband and discovered that it was impossible to wear it without the pants obviously sagging where the holster was, thus making the presence of a firearm patently obvious. This was with a Glock subcompact.

    Since I bought the holster direcly from DeSantis and they have a good return policy, I was able to return it without difficulty.