Devastating .50 TAC Caliber

More and more law enforcement agencies are adding a large-caliber…

More and more law enforcement agencies are adding a large-caliber tactical rifle to their special response team arsenal. The logic behind these acquisitions is the anticipated need to deal with a barricaded bad guy or possibly disable a rogue vehicle. Additionally, in this new age of anti-terrorist mindset, administrators are always trying to prepare for the unexpected.
The .50 BMG has traditionally been the cartridge of choice for these applications. The problem with the .50 BMG is that rifles capable of containing this powerhouse round generally exceed 30 pounds; if not, recoil is intense. The .338 Lapua cartridge is a lower recoiling alternative but, like the big .50, it is incredibly loud.

Except in extreme law enforcement situations, a long-range rifle is not a necessity. For the most part, threats are dealt with inside 200 meters. A thinking man’s approach to this tactical problem would be a powerful, large caliber, sub-sonic cartridge, housed in a standard weight, sniper style rifle. An enterprising West Virginian by the name of Michael Cyrus at Cross Outdoors has found an answer that he calls the .50 TAC.

Cartridge Details
The .50 TAC story actually starts with another wildcat cartridge from Cross Outdoors that was purpose built for hunting. Cyrus has always liked big-bore rifles and envisioned a .50 caliber rifle that would be suitable for hunting anything, anywhere in the world. Starting with a .338 Dakota cartridge case, Cyrus crafted what has now become known as the .500 Cyrus.

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