DEZ M16A1 Retro Barreled Upper

Click image for larger view. Designed for police, SWAT, military…


Click image for larger view.

Designed for police, SWAT, military use as well as medium to heavy game hunters.

A3 Upper Group Includes:

20” Match A1 Retro Barrel

A-2 Flash Hider


M16A1 Rifle Hand Guard

A3 Upper

Bolt & Carrier

Charging Handle

Match Barrel Features:

● 20” 4150 chromoly vanadium (CMV)

● M4 cut extension

● rifle length

● 5.56 NATO Chamber

● 1:7” R.H. twist

● 6 groove, turned on center & stress relieved

● .625 Dia.

● lapped bore

● 11⁰ crown

● threaded ½ -28 R.H

● 26-33 RC hardening

● black manganese phosphate finish (parkerized)

● hand brushed oil

● particle tested & air gauged

● lapped bore

● polished chamber

● pulled-button rifling

Starting at $555.00 (limited supplies available).

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  • D

    Can you please clarify what the actual barrel profile is? Unfortunately the terms “retro” and “A1″ have been somewhat abused, so at this point it’s difficult to ascertain exactly what is meant by them.

    Here are the correct outside diameter measurements for the retro A1 barrel (in inches):

    4″-12” .668-.606
    step width .755
    under fsb .625
    after fsb .570
    flare .604

    Can you please post the measurements of the barrel you are offering? The picture provided looks like it has a heavy barrel profile in comparison.

  • jallen

    “medium to heavy game hunter”
    Are you out of your mind. I wouldn’t use it on anything bigger than a woodchuck.