Diamondhead Front and Rear Premium Combat Sights

Rear. Diamondhead® Front & Rear PREMIUM Combat Sights incorporate the…


Diamondhead® Front & Rear PREMIUM Combat Sights incorporate the unique, (Pat. & Pat. Pend.) Diamond-Shaped Apertures & Posts and the (Pat. Pend.) Diamond-Shaped Front Sight Housing. The (Pat. Pend.) Diamondhead® Integrated Sighting System™ allows the eye to place the front post perfectly in the center of the rear aperture. Diamondhead® PREMIUM Combat Sights have received positive reviews from Military & Law Enforcement users and Industry Media. They are just 0.435” high when folded. Front sights are available with Tritium inserts.


– Flips up quickly and smoothly for rapid deployment; Folds down fast with the push of a button
– Locking system ensures sight stays up securely and remains zeroed in combat situations
– Diamondhead® PREMIUM Flip-Up Front, Rear (& Auto-Ranger™) sights are designed to work together to create the (Pat. Pend.) Diamondhead® Integrated Sighting System™
– Mil. Spec. stainless steel and Type 111 black anodized 6061 T6 aircraft aluminum construction
– Standard A2 Front Sight posts
– Easy installation with proprietary clamping system, providing secure attachment to all Mil. Std 1913 Picatinny Rails
– Combat Durable

– Proprietary (Pat. Pend.) Diamond-Shaped Housing™
frames & centers the target with speed and ease
– Secure and accurate elevation adjustment
– Accepts all standard A2 front sight posts
– Available with Regular & Tritium posts

– Proprietary (Pat. & Pat. Pend.) Diamond-Shaped apertures for faster target acquisition & centering
– Proprietary (Pat. & Pat. Pend.) reference posts and horizon bars
– Dual same plane short and long range apertures
(at exact same height of factory A2 sights)
– Fully deploys and stows with small or large aperture active
– Secure and accurate 0.5 MOA windage adjustment

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  • Mote current assessments since its initial release, by LEO’s and deployed military.


    Granted, it’s their site, but I have no reason to believe they would “stuff the ballot box”.

  • You might want to do a little more research on, who copied whom. I sense a bias. As to the effectiveness of the diamond over the circle, if you knew how the brai, specifically the subconscious visual accuty aspect of it worked, you’d know why the diamond shape peep holes are advantageous, even tho you may not care for it, and why the matched shape of front/rear housing does the same thing FIRST. I’ve no dog in this hunt (yet), still researching, but, so far I believe that the Diamonhead will do exactly what it was designed to do. It’s not a cosmetic gimmic. It’s a function of understanding how the eye/brain connection works.

  • HK

    Oh, no…not this again. These are not innovation, they’re imitations! They are poor copies of the TROY with the same diamond gimmick sight shape. Did notice something new (another flaw) from this view, fools mounted their rotating aperture on the threads so it can shift left or right when you flip it. Next time they knock off something excellent already, they should ask “Is this really new?”. Frenchys tried diamond front and rear sights right before Waterloo…so the answer is “No”.

    If they’re pissed at “The Trooper”, why not just man up and challenge him to a fistfight instead? Because Steve T. is tougher than his bulletproof gear…