Diamondhead-USA Launches Combat Sights for M4

Diamondhead-USA has launched a pair of Flip-Up Combat Sights for…

Diamondhead-USA has launched a pair of Flip-Up Combat Sights for the M4/AR15 platform. 
The (Pat. Pend.) sights have been built exclusively around the innovative Diamond-Shaped 
Aperture (Patented & Patents Pending) designed by inventor, Dan Ballard in 2006. An 
improved version of the original Diamond-Shaped Aperture is offered with the Diamondhead Flip-Up Rear Combat Sight. No other iron sight is equipped with the new and proprietary Diamondhead aperture. To complement Diamondhead’s rear sight, a completely original (Pat. Pend.) Flip-Up Front Combat Sight has been designed – uniquely recognizable by its diamond-shaped upper housing.
The innovative theory behind Diamondhead’s revolutionary concept is sure to improve the 
shooting performance of military, law enforcement and civilian users alike. John DeLuca, 
President and co-founder of Diamondhead-USA explains… “The simple fact is that it is easier for your eye to find the exact center of a diamond than the exact center of a circle. We have made it even easier and quicker for the eye to find the exact center of a Diamondhead rear sight’s aperture, by adding reference posts at the corners of the diamond. The diamond-shaped housing of our 
proprietary front sight optimizes your focus and alignment on the sight’s post, for exactly the same reason.”

The Diamondhead Combat Sights are in full production and have already received positive reviews from law enforcement and military personnel. Diamondhead-USA expects their new products to create considerable reaction… as there hasn’t been a breakthrough iron sight offered for the M4/AR15 in years. Diamondhead-USA.com.

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  • HK

    Hey, those look exsctly like the ones I bought from TROY before these even came out…looks like they wimped out on the Picatinny adapter. You can hit people with the TROYs…No matter, the whole topic is another gimmick.

    Too bad they tear up your $300.00 Pelican case and snag on every possible thing. Also, you can’t hit at longer ranges as well..that is why Diamond sights are a joke on the NM range but all the rage with people who never fire their weapons online. Why waste your money if you can’t hit 200m plates as fast as a standard aperture? Any armies lining up either? No, since the USA has the MA-Tech JSSAP designed themselves and the French tried diamond shaped sights front and rear in the EIGHTEENTH CENTURY…real winners there…and that’s the ’17 somethings for people born yesterday.

    Don’t those guys know they are probably never going to get used when everyone has an M-68 CCO you can hit people with or an EO that still works after an IED? Let’s work on lighter, less obtrusive metal sights that don’t interfere with the optics, please…

    Wanna be fast, Gunstore Commandos? Buy an Aimpoint T-1…and stick it right in front of the TROY rear apertures and behind their round HK front sight. Then you’ll be just like real operators…smaller, faster, more reliable.